5J suffered bird strike, declares emergency landing

February 14, 2009

Tacloban City, Philippines – A Cebu Pacific's airbus 319 plane declared “bird strike" early Friday morning while on final approach to Tacloban Airport.

The aircraft, Cebu Pacific flight 5J651 with 125 passengers and 6 crews, left Manila at 4:20 AM and was expected to arrive at 5:25 AM . The A320 family aircraft managed to land safely, but its return flight to Manila was canceled after the bird broke the engine’s three blades. Manila bound passengers were accommodated in the other flights of the airline later on the day.

Candice Iyog, vice president for marketing and distribution of Cebu Pacific confirmed the incident saying “The plane landed normally and will undergo servicing and maintenance in Tacloban". CAAP said the incident was the first recorded bird strike in Tacloban. Tacloban meanwhile has a standing city ordinance prohibiting the raising of birds within a four-kilometer radius from the airport.

Last month, a US Airways jetliner crashed into the Hudson River after a flock of birds was sucked and eventually disabled both its engines. All passengers and crew survived as the US jet landed safely on the water.

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