The Usual Excuse

Cebu Pacific's On-Time Reality

By Katrina Legarda

Before I discuss anything legal, allow me to vent. I do not think I will ever travel on Cebu Pacific again. Cebu Pacific has taken the place of the once-well- entrenched-plane-always-late position of PAL.

We booked on Cebu Pacific as their fares seemed so much cheaper than PAL. It was only when the ticket was printed out that I saw all the hidden costs. Not cool.

There was chaos in terminal 3. Once that was suffered through, we had to wait (and wait and wait) in hot holding areas, like pigs in pens. Worse, we received only extraordinarily inaccurate information from ground staff about times of departure. The staff assure that the plane will leave on time, only for us already harassed travelers to be told, less than 2 seconds later, that we have to wait another two hours.

I want to know: how difficult is it to know when a plane left a destination and when it is due to arrive in Manila? Do not tell me, two hours later, that the “turn-around flight was delayed.” Even more heinous, you check in a little late, and you are fined. Do you get the fine back if that flight is delayed? Take a good guess.

Anyway, we arrived safe and sound, but because of the delay, could not find a place open to serve dinner. (Unlike PAL, that immediately arranges a little snack when the plane is delayed during breakfast, lunch or dinner times).

I could not believe it when, on our journey back, we bumped into Raul Manzano of Metro Society who was forced to pay for a coaster for his crew and who was forced to travel FIVE hours from Caticlan to Iloilo as Cebu Pacific was not going to fly them out of Caticlan that day. Sigh…. I bet you have worse stories.[abs-cbnnews]

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