A330 deaths report only 8 until todays event

As 228 vanished on AF447

Rome - Aside from the latest Air France flight 447 crash of the A330, there had been only 8 casualties of the Airbus A-330 series aircraft arising from a series of accidents, hijackings and other occurrences.

Airbus - On June 30, 1994, near Toulouse-Blagnac airport, France. The aircraft crashes shortly after take-off during a test flight. 7 people are killed, including the Alitalia pilots Alberto Nassetti and Pier Paolo Racchetti. [it was not officially handed over to Alitalia]

- On March 15, 2000, a Malaysia Airlines A330-300 is damaged by the leak of some corrosive liquids at Kuala Lumpur airport, Malaysia.

PAL- On May 25, 2000, after robbing some passengers and trying to hijack the aircraft, a man jumped from a Philippine Air Lines A330-300 with a home-made parachute and dies on impact with the ground, near Manila.

- On October 13, 2000, a Nigerian detained man managed to free himself and to reach the cockpit of the A-330/200 that was carrying him from Belgium to Cote d'Ivoire, forcing the pilot to land in Spain, where he was arrested by the local police.

- On July 24, 2001, two Sri Lankan Airlines A330-200 were destroyed on the ground by an attack of Tamil Tigers at Colombo international airport, together with an A320-200, an A340-300 and a squadron of military aircraft.

- On August 24, 2001 an Air Transat A330-200 en route from Canada to Portugal, after a fuel leak, is forced to land at Lajes airport, Azores, with its engines off. 8 out of 10 of its tyres burst on contact with the runway.

- On July 18, 2003, after crossing a turbulence zone in the South of China, 12 crew members and three passengers are injured on board of a Dragonair A330-330.

- On October 7, 2008, 44 people on board of a Qantas A330-300 are hospitalized after landing due to the injuries caused by some hard and sudden losses of altitude due to automatic corrections made to the aircraft by a failed inertial reference system. (Avionews)

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