Omni Aviation Expands

beefs up trainer fleets

October 5, 2009

MANILA, Philippines - Omni Aviation, the country’s leading flying school, has added four new aircraft to its fleet of training airplanes. One of these airplanes is a Cessna 152 Aerobat, an aircraft capable of performing various aerobatic maneuvers.

Capt. Ben Hur Gomez, president and chairman of Omni Aviation Corp., said they now have 22 airplanes consisting of 16 Cessna 152s, five Cessna 172s and one twin engine Piper Seneca.

The acquisition of the Aerobat bolsters Omni’s reputation as the Philippines’ premier source of safe, reliable, and well-trained pilots. “The Aerobat provides students advanced training in upset (unusual attitudes) recovery, along with stall and spin recognition and avoidance,” he said.

“The Aerobat trains students to maintain control of the aircraft in conditions of unexpected severe turbulence. In this situation, an aircraft can be tossed around or even flipped upside down. Omni Aviation now has the capability to train its students to analyze and make correct decisions in order to return to safe normal flight,” he added.

Capt. Gomez founded Omni Aviation in 1994, right after his retirement from Philippine Airlines (PAL). He served with PAL for 38 years and capped his career as vice president of safety and security. He ended his career as a Captain of a Boeing 747 with more than 33,000 hours of flight experience without a single accident. His experience and reputation has made Omni Aviation what it is today – an honest company.

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