CAAP Installs FR-AIS technology

Joins Eurocontrol on AIS automation

November 23, 2009

Belgium - The Philippines joined Eurocontrol this week as its aviation authority successfully connected its Aeronautical Information Service Database System (PhADS) to the European AIS Database (EAD) using Frequentis FR-AIS technology, the first country in Asia-Pacific to do so. It was originally scheduled to connect service in May 2009 but the project was hammered by budgetary delays deferring its connection date last week.

The PhADS under the New CNS/ATM Systems Development Project is funded by Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC). This system will be fully commissioned by 2012. PhADS fully complies with ICAO SARPs, Eurocontrol Standards for AICM, AIXM, AMXM, WXXM and ISO 19100 Series. The installed system scope covers the development of static database, NOTAM (including future xNOTAM), flight plans, Pre-flight Information Bulletins (PIB), eAIP, electronic Mapping and Charting (eMAP/eCHART), the Internet service, eTOD Justify Full and electronic Meteorological Data (eMET).

The EAD service, established by 38 Eurocontrol member states and operational since 2003, has recently been joined by increasing numbers of non-European states with the United States, Japan and Australia scheduled to connect next year.

The FR-AIS technology will automatically enable international airlines from accessing the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) database the latest aeronautical and weather information on a destinations airport.

The Philippine’s AIS yields information about the country’s airports by providing maps, charts, route of flights, available navigational aids and their locations, ongoing constructions of airports and facilities and upgrading of other services.

The procured FR-AIS system brings together a number of components selected on a ‘best of kind’ basis to form the integrated system. Advantages of the EAD service include the combination of a single database entity, advanced data verification and validation facilities, and the idea of real-time information sharing between ANSPs.

Christian Troemer, Chief Regional Officer of Frequentis, the firm that was awarded by CAAP to construct and install the AIS, said that the aviation agency recover its expenses by charging fees mostly to airline companies which uses the database.

With the Eurocontrol connection CAAP can now be able to connect online on a 24/7 basis to all EAD services. CAAP will actively participate in EAD by providing AIS information to all participants, and will also be capable of adding and editing NOTAMs, AIPs, charts, and other static data of the Philippines, and make such accessible to all other EAD member countries.

The project itself is primed by local company Integrated Energy Systems & Resources Inc (IESRI) who will handle the integration of all AIS components as well as various after-sales and support services.

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