Philippine Airlines join APG Interline E-Ticketing

IATA IET Compliant

December 10, 2009

Paris - APG Global Associates Chief Operating Officer (COO) James W. Foster announced that the Philippine national carrier Philippine Airlines (PR-079) have now joined APG IET network in November together with eight other notable airlines including the Turkish national carrier Turkish Airlines (TK-235), and the North American Carrier Pacific Wings (LW-568).

France based company APG launched its Interline Electronic Ticketing (IET) solution in January of 2008 with the aim of consolidating interline e-ticketing agreement connecting 84,000 IATA and ARC travel agencies worldwide (initially in 65 BSPs and ARC) that will be able to issue Interline E-Tickets through GDS.

APG Global Associates is the world's leading network for Airline Distribution and Financial Services. With 82 APG Global Associates and Service Partners, The company is present in 115 countries and have relationships with over 240 airlines. Services include Sales Representation Services, variable cost access to BSPs and ARC systems, Interline E-Ticketing, Airline Passenger Insurance, and ATPCO Fare Filing Services.

APG IET counts today 54 airline partners. New partners are added on a weekly basis and APG Global Associates (APG GA) President, Jean-Louis Baroux announces that “we are targeting 100 carriers by 1st quarter of 2010 and are negotiating with airlines all over the world thanks to the expertise of our global network, APG GA”.

APG IET Product Manager, Majbritt Leenaert explained that APG GA has introduced the APG IET program to airlines worldwide in cooperation with its partner Heli Air Monaco (YO/747) who functions as the validating and issuing carrier of APG IET. It is also great opportunity for any airline to gain new interline volume. In addition, APG IET permits Philippine Airlines seat to be sold and ticketed worldwide in 86 BSPs (IATA Billing and Settlement Plans) and ARC (Airlines Reporting Corporation) in the United States.

APG IET benefits are twofold, 1.) It helps small, medium and large airlines to create new interline business opportunities, and 2.) Widens their BSP/ARC market reach on a worldwide basis.

APG IET is open to all IATA and non IATA scheduled airlines, with the sole condition that they are “E-Ticketing eligible” on GDS.

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