PAF expedites Nomad Replacements

Acquires 3 planes to boost fleet

February 9, 2010

Manila - The Philippine Air Force (PAF) is expected to acquire three light lift aircraft valued at $21 million (P920 million) in a bid to boost its transport capabilities.

"They will replace the Nomad for troop transport and logistic support" says Defense Secretary Norberto Gonzales.

Aircraft specifications is not disclosed but is expected to be bigger, Gonzales hinted. "Basically, we are hitting two birds in one stone as they are much bigger and more serviceable" Gonzales said.

"They will be vital to the transportation of troops and supplies to troubled areas in the south" Gonzales adds, saying the aircraft acquisition is part of the AFP modernization program which is two years delayed because of funding problems.

PAF spokesman Lt. Col. Gerardo Zamudio Jr. said that while acquisition of it is already approved by the President, they still have to secure the funds from the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) before they can proceed with the bidding for the aircraft.

Maj. Gen. Jesus Llanto, Head of the AFP Modernization Program, said they plan to replace the Air Force’s N-22 Nomad with turboprop planes because their maintenance is becoming more expensive citing Nomad’s spare parts availability and costly price.

"It can still fly, but we have to admit that we would spend more for the maintenance of the aircraft than as compared to buying new ones in the long term," he said.

“We just completed the bid documents, contracts are up for bidding next month after funds are made available by DBM. They will all have a 920 million price tag," Llanto said.

"They are part of the military’s capability upgrade program which has two phases. The first phase deals with enhancing internal security and has a project funding of P11.7 billion, which include the aircraft acquisition. The second phase is worth P22.2 billion which will be used to purchase a squadron of tactical fighter jets by 2014 to address territorial defense" Mr. Llanto adds.

Meanwhile, Zamudio said the acquisition of the aircraft had been planned even before the Nomad airplane crash last month, which killed nine people in Cotabato City.

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  1. Please see attached link it the web page for the AFP Modernization. Lets vote for Philippine Air Force to be the prioty of the AFP Modernization this has been long overdue.