Pacific Flier Readies Take-Off

Launches Flight on March 30

March 28, 2010

Clark- Palau's newly designated national airline, Pacific Flier announced recently that it is ready to take off on March 30 for Koror, the islands' capital.

Shane Styles, the airline’s marketing chief said the airline is offering a special promotional rate of $339 round trip fare for the first three flights. The regular airfare is pegged at $399.

“A long time in the planning and making, PacificFlier has been able to inaugurate a schedule of charter services with the full backing of the government of the Republic of Palau. PacificFlier wants to acknowledge its appreciation for the support it has received from the Government of The Republic of Palau,” said Styles in a statement.

"The airline is also offering connections to Brisbane in Australia via Koror and additional services to Guam will start in May" adds Styles.

For the inaugural Brisbane flight on March 31, the airfare is $399. For the April 11 flight, the airline is offering an airfare of $499 and after that the regular price will be at $599.

Pacific Flier Airline is supposed to start flight on January 15, however Federak Aviation Administration (FAA) failed to grant the airline an air carrier’s permit due to ownership issues.

The airline uses an Airbus A310 aircraft for its fleet, with registry CS-TEI, and has 18 business and 176 economy passenger seats.

Pacific Flier also offers its passengers living in Manila free shuttle bus service to and from the airport. Two check-in baggage, weighing 70 lbs. each are also allowed by the airline for each passenger.

The airline departs every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday from Palau to Manila Clark at 7:00 AM with arrivals at 10:35AM for a travel time of 2 hours and 30 minutes. Schedule for departures from Manila-Clark is every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday leaving at 5:40PM arriving Koror at 7:10PM Local time.

The plane will then leave for Brisbane in Australia at 11:45PM with arrival the following day at 4:50AM. It will then fly back to Koror before proceeding to Manila in that rotation.

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  1. Flying to the Gold Coast, Queensland ,Australia from 14/06/10