CAAP Consultants Fired!

Days of the Generals over

April 11, 2010

Manila- Civil Aviation Authority (CAAP) Director General Alfonso Cusi ordered the termination of service of all 170 consultants, mostly ex-military men, appointed by his predecessor General Rubin F. Ciron, for failing to provide service expected of them.

Cusi said that not much has been done by the consultants to improved the aviation sector after the Air Transportation Office was made a corporate entity almost two years ago.

"I just can't understand why they failed to upgrade or trained technical personnel despite opportunity to do so. Two years is a long time and not much has been done." says Cusi.

Cusi, who assumed the post last month said that he is currently attending the salary structure for the qualified employees particularly those air traffic controllers, airways navigation specialists and communication specialists. There are currently 360 air controllers across the country with some 700 navigation specialists and 600 aircraft communicators.

He recently appointed 47 new recruits for check pilots, airworthiness inspectors, cabin crew inspectors and other technical positions. He is also appointing new job titles to some “organic” personnel that qualified for the new post.

His next task is to work with the much harder regulatory framework as it designs method for effective implementation, like checking maintenance procedures duly approved and warranted by aircraft manufacturers, to make sure that they are strictly followed by aircraft operators across the country.

“CAAP will audit maintenance procedures not only of the big airline firms but also the small ones like those operating in the general aviation market, to make sure that rules are strictly being followed” says Cusi.

The General aviation market comprises the big chunk of CAAP's surveillance comprising 80% of the Philippine aviation market. Operators usually utilized light aircraft and small engined planes for air charter, and air taxi operation, while others operate it in different flying schools across the country.


  1. 170 consultants? the total full-time personnel of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Korea is only 125 and their Universal Safety Operational Audit Rating (USOAP)is perfect 10.0 in all categories. the state civil aviation authority to receive the highest rating.

    170 consultants alone is not value-for-money. tsk..tsk..tsk...what a waste of taxpayers money and fees and charges they received from aviation participants and air passengers. WHAT A WASTE! in addition - international trainings they constantly attend became a "tourism and sightseeing junket" instead of updating their aviation technology skills.

  2. Mr. Cusi

    do you know that you can request help from other state civil aviation authorities? South Korea has a 10.0 USOAP result rating, and HongKong 9.6. through state's international linkages, you can actually write to these countries' respective director of civil aviation and they will help. CAAP can learn from other countries. added info, Korea pioneered ICAO's electronic lodgement of SARP differences.

    Indonesia sought help from ICAO and other countries. Mongolia sought help from New Zealand, same with Pacific Island States like Fiji, Samoa, etc.