Omni Cessna crashed

Student pilot, instructor hurt

By Artemio Dumlao & Rudy Santos

August 06, 2010

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A two-seater Cessna 152 sits upside down after crash-landing at the Loakan airport in Baguio City yesterday, causing injuries to its student pilot and his instructor. ANDY ZAPATA JR.
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BAGUIO CITY, Philippines – Amid the exodus of Philippine Airlines pilots, a student pilot and his instructor were injured yesterday morning when a two-seater Cessna 152 trainer airplane crashed while landing at the Loakan Airport here.

The pilot of the plane Captain Glen Pedraja and student pilot Paul Burns suffered minor injuries and were treated at the Philippine Military Academy Hospital.

Police Inspector Carolina Desiderio, station chief of the PNP Aviation Security Group at the Loakan Airport said the landing gear of the Cessna plane with tail number RPC 8864 and owned by Omni Aviation Flying School based in Clark Field, Pampanga, had allegedly overshot the runway that caused the aircraft to turn upside down at around 9:27 a.m.

“We cannot yet ascertain what really caused the accident pending investigation by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines,” Desiderio said.

The Cessna 152 is still widely used worldwide by private individuals and flying schools.

Benhur Gomez, president of Omni Aviation Flyng School, told radio station dzBB that the ill-fated aircraft is one of three trainer planes that conducted cross-country training flights from Clark Field to the Loakan Airport.

He said that cross-country training that landing in several airfields in one day, is a requirement for student pilots before they can be certified as commercial pilots.

Gomez said the company had sent their maintenance crew to investigate the accident.

He said the mishap came at the heels of a shortage of pilots at PAL after more than 10 pilots resigned to get higher-paying jobs abroad.

Gomez said it is now time to train more local pilots to avoid a shortage of pilots who are forced to get jobs in foreign airliners that pay higher salaries.


  1. way to go Gomz, sending maintenance crew for an accident investigation? really complied with the CAAP requirements, duh.

    "pilots resigned to get higher-paying jobs abroad."-- yeah right, same as what the ass lickers say over and over again..., its either Gomz is soooo late with the news or is just in unison with his management colleagues at PAL.

    listen to the interview of PAL pilots you moron!

  2. PAL pilots did NOT resign just because of better paying jobs abroad. This is just the press release of PAL's crappy management.