Pacific Flier re-organizes

Re-Launch unknown

August 19, 2010

Clark - With new ownership and new organization, Pacific Flier intends to operate a regular scheduled flights soon with new type of aircraft, said to be either a Boeing 737-800 or an Airbus 320, from the butchered charter service they previously had.

It is now clearly considered an Australian Airline operating in Micronesia whose majority owner is Australian Grant Vickers, the airline’s executive chairman and president.

Vickers previously share ownership of the airlines with another Australian Reginald Free and New Zealander Rex Banks who was listed then as CEO of the airline before he left.

Pacific Flier admitted that they don't have traffic rights to Guam and Manila except the regular charter certificates they hold which restrict operations of their business.

The Philippines' Civil Aviation Board (CAB) confirmed that there is no traffic rights between Clark and Guam, and there is no air talks scheduled within the year for such services.

CAB said the airline may have to fly to Manila where slots are available if it secures the approval from the US DOT to fly Guam and Koror in Palau.

The carrier said the “difficulties in securing traffic rights led to substantial trading losses.”

"it has not been able to secure traffic rights for its scheduled flights since it began regular charter flights in April." the statement adds.

The airline also admitted that it “launched operations prematurely” and that it is “foolhardy to continue to operate on parameters now proven to be inappropriate.”

“The launch was done at the time to meet the requirements of major potential tuna shippers and alleged confirmed rights to Asia. History will show that the necessary traffic rights were not forthcoming nor were the perishable shipments.” the statements said.

The airline said it will continue to pursue applications with U.S. and Philippine authorities for scheduled traffic rights.

“A complete review of the schedule, timetable and route structure is currently being carried out,” Pacific Flier said.

The carrier, which had been in service for four months, cancelled all its flights last week “until further notice.”

The date of the re-launch is unknown.

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