B/E Aerospace set up shop in RP

To build galleys for XWB

October 5, 2010

B/E Aerospace (Nasdaq:BEAV), the world's leading manufacturer of aircraft cabin interior products and the world's leading distributor of aerospace fasteners and consumables, today announced that it has chosen the Philippines from among 32 countries to build the galleys for Airbus' latest aircraft, the British embassy in Manila said on Monday.

The British firm will invest an initial 30 million dollars in the country as part of a venture that will create more than 300 jobs, British Ambassador Stephen Lillie said in a statement.

"This is good news for the Philippines. We hope the new administration will take pro-active measures to create a more attractive investment climate for the Philippines, so that there will be even more projects like this," Lillie said.

The company which trace its history to Bach Engineering, will set up facilities in the country to build the galleys for the soon to fly Airbus A350XWB, one of the latest generation of wide-body aircraft.

Completed galley units will be shipped to Toulouse, where the aircraft will be assembled by Airbus, the embassy statement said.

The commercial services unit of UK Trade and Investment and B/E Aerospace conducted extensive market research in several countries before deciding on the Philippines, the embassy said.

It added that its trade and investment team helped B/E Aerospace choose the Philippines.


  1. Can I know the trunkline number of their manufacturing plant in Carmelray? Thanks a lot.