Cusi now chairman of Icao Aspac branch

By Recto Mercene

December 2, 2010

Starting Thursday, Director General Alfonso Cusi of the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (Caap) will assume chairmanship of a branch of the International Civil Aviation Organization (Icao).

Cusi will assume the top post in Icao’s Cooperative Development of Operational Safety and Continuing Airworthiness Programs (Coscap) branch, one of the international body’s three branches in the Asia-Pacific Region.

Cusi is the first Filipino to head the organization and would be at the helm for one year, Capt. Len J. Cormier, Caap chief technical adviser.

The position is rotated among member states every year.

Cormier said that that according to the Icao Universal Safety Oversight Audit Program (Usoap), many Asia-Pacific countries find it difficult to adequately meet their safety oversight obligations. One example is the lack of check pilots, cabin crews and flight operations inspectors.

Coscap staff are often asked to provide guidance on the interpretation of regulations-standards, best practices, or technical matters. Considerable assistance has been provided to support member administrations preparations and response to Icao-Usoap audits.

Cusi hopes under him, Coscap would become the perfect vehicle for the country and other member states to be able to address their specific problems, thus leading to their attainment of international safety standards.

Specifically, for the Philippines, Cusi said he hopes that this would be the opportunity to speed up the process of meeting the significant safety concerns (SSC) so that the country may get back to Category 1 status very soon.

With Coscap, Icao would be able to support, establish and improve safety among groups of participating states.

Members of the Coscap South East Asia, aside from the Philippines, include; Cambodia, Hong Kong, Macao, Indonesia, Lao Peoples Democratic Republic, Malaysia, Burma, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Brunei Darussalam and Timor Leste.

Coscap members in South Asia include India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Bhutan, Nepal, Maldives and Sri Lanka, which is the senior member in Aspac, currently operating under its third five-year term.

Ccoscap North Asia includes China, Republic of Korea, the Democratic Republic of Korea and Mongolia.

Cornier said that Coscap under Cusi would get the ownership of the program, and he would be able to set the guidelines for the year.

Currently, Coscap is training 45 check pilots, 25 flight operations inspectors and 50 cabin safety inspectors at the Civil Aviation Training Center.


  1. The positive side, the chairmanship has been bestowed to the Philippines.
    The negative side, Cusi does not know anything about this kind of job and will just depend to his advisers. In due time, other members would know about his lack of experience and knowledge on the aviation and then it would be a real negative for the Philippines. He lobbied for this position so he can levied it to his detractors at the DOTC.

  2. If Cusi has the polical will not just too many press release he should have got rid of those scalawags there at CAAP a long time ago to put back the Aviation Authority in category one by removing those personnel