Cebu Pac plane plows thru Palawan airport

Stalls more than 300 passengers

January 12, 2011

A Cebu Pacific A319-100, registration RP-C3190 and performign flight 5J-645 burst a nose gear tyre upon landing on a grassy area along the tarmac of Puerto Princesa airport in Palawan Tuesday at about 7 p.m.

Repairmen work on the crippled Cebu Pacific plane at the Puerto Princesa tarmac on Wednesday morning. The plane's front tire burst upon landing on Tuesday night. GMANews.TV

The accident damaged about half of the lights on the runway, although there were no reports of injuries, said local Air Transportation Office official Rafael Servando .

Due to the runway damage, a Philippine Airlines plane was unable to take off for a scheduled flight to Manila, and is reportedly parked at the tarmac’s apron together with the Cebu Pacific plane.

According to the ATO official, firemen immediately hosed off soil and other debris from the runway to clear the landing area.

Servando said they will repair the damaged runway lights by Wednesday morning, and estimate that incoming and outgoing flights will return to normal by around noontime.

Over 100 passengers of a Manila-bound Cebu Pacific flight remain stranded in Palawan airport and will have to wait until Wednesday evening before they could resume their travel.

Philippine Airlines was able to leave in the morning Wednesday after the airport was re-opened for traffic.—With Paterno Esmaquel/JV, GMANews.TV


  1. Where was the new DG of CAAP when this happened? Out of the country and he still is!

    How come he already spent almost half of his time in office in traveling overseas?

  2. oh now its the DG's job to do the investigations, so what happened to the accident/incident investigators? are they so incompetent that they need the DG for this? so does it mean the DG should IMMEDIATELY come back if some aircraft overshoots the runway or blow some tires? or somebody is just jealous of the new DG....hmmmmm....makes me wonder. what a typical crab mentality, no wonder the country is going nowhere.