Manny Osias, Pilot of the year!

5J pilots tops honor roll again

March 6, 2011,

Another pilot from Cebu Pacific Airlines was awarded Airline Pilot of the Year by the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association Philippines (AOPAP) and the Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta organizing committee.

“I am flattered at having won the award, especially since it was judged by my peers, fellow pilots and colleagues in the industry,” said Osias.

Capt. Manny Osias of Cebu Pacific has been flying with the airline beginning with its DC-9 aircraft since 2001 and has been recognized by the airline as its Pilot of the Year for 2008. Osias also garnered Safety Achievement Awards and Instructor of the Year Awards throughout his career.

According to Capt. Meynard Halili, an AOPAP member of the board and at the same time a screening committee member, the Airline Pilot of the Year award which was won by Capt. Myra Florencio, also of Cebu Pacific garnered a similar award in 2009, which is meant to show that the Philippines measures up to international aviation standards, provide role models for young industry professionals, and elevate the quality of technical skills through competition.

“This award is for those who have the passion for aviation, commitment to safety and proficiency, and positive influence in the workplace and industry. If there was anyone who was born to be an airline pilot, it would be Capt. Osias,” said Halili.

Osias has been an Airbus type-rating instructor since 2007. He qualifies CEB’s Airbus pilots, and maintains the proficiency of the airline’s pilots.

AOPAP and the Balloon Fiesta Committee have been giving the Airline Pilot of the Year Award since 2006. They have also been recognizing Filipino airmen annually for their contribution to fostering safety, competence and excellence in general, military and commercial aviation.

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  1. i want to become a pilot. it was my dream since i was still a little boy. i am currently in my last year in high school and very sure what i would take in college. I WANT TO BE A PILOT!!! and i idolized Capt. Manny Osias.