10 Ways to Make Airport Security Faster

July 9, 2011

By Jessica Hulett

Everyone now knows that a short flight doesn’t mean a short amount of time out of your day. We have learned to tack on an extra hour or two to allow for airport security screening before boarding our flight. Time is valuable to us all, so, this problem definitely needs addressing. Here are 10 ideas that have been suggested, and in some cases,implemented, for making airport security more time efficient.

Low risk travelers. It has been suggested that frequent flyers be pre-screened and allowed a more minimal security check than other passengers. This could greatly minimize the time it took to get passengers through security checkpoints.

Free bag check. There is the sense that people are carrying more baggage onto the planes in order to save the costs of checking their baggage for flights. If passengers could check one bag free for their flight, there might not be as much carry-on baggage to screen.

Shoe scanner. Creating a scanner that would allow a person to keep their shoes on, and walk over the scanner, would eliminate some of the hassle created by passengers needing to remove their shoes and then put them back on again.
Bin conveyor. An automated bin return conveyor system has been developed and is in use in some airports. Every little bit of automation helps, when it comes to saving time.
Prior identity verification. Implementing a system for verifying the identity of individuals whose names are similar to those on the terrorist list prior to their arrival at the airport is another suggestion that is being considered and should not be that difficult to develop.

3-D luggage scanners. These devices which make it easier for personnel to spot explosive materials in baggage have been in installed in some airports already. With less uncertainty, hopefully, the luggage will get passed through quicker.
Slow lanes and fast lanes. Allowing those with minimal carry-ons and who are familiar with the screening routine to go through a separate express lane, has also been suggested as a means of speeding up the process, and making for happier travelers.

Proper staffing. It can be very frustrating for a passenger to wait in long lines to get through the security checkpoint simply because they don’t have the proper amount of staff on duty to man all the checkpoints.
Directional information. Even when there are additional checkpoints open, passengers are not always aware of this. Better directional signage might help alleviate the develop of overly long lines.

Improve airport design. This is not a viable option for many airports, but for those that are rebuilding or renovating, some re-design in the security area could help immensely. San Diego has taken this step in the design for their new terminal building.

Of course, passengers can do their part to make the process move faster also. Simply educating yourself on the requirements and being prepared when you arrive at the airport can make a big difference.Wear shoes that slip on and off, and have your liquids properly packaged and pulled out of your bag before you reach the checkpoint. A little adjustment from both directions could speed up the process significantly.

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  1. Im sure DMIA PGT (Premiere Gateway Terminal 2) Will Have These Innovations By 2013!