Philippines to lease modern jets, watercraft from US

By Aurea Calica
The Philippine Star

July 05, 2011

Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin said yesterday the Philippines is working on a lease agreement for modern planes and naval ships with the United States within the year to improve the country’s ability to guard its territory.

“We’re looking at modern equipment that are not excess defense articles. The equipment are there but there’s nothing final yet,” Gazmin told reporters in MalacaƱang after he attended the oath taking of Transportation Secretary Manuel Roxas II and the signing of the memorandum of agreement between the Philippine government and the Cordillera Bodong Administration-Cordillera People’s Liberation Army.

Gazmin said Washington gave assurance that it would study the Philippine proposal and see what equipment could be available for Manila.

“They are trying to see the available ones that we can operate because when you talk of new equipment, you talk of operational cost, with the very limited budget that we have, we will see what we can afford,” Gazmin said.

The defense chief said funds for the lease of military planes and ships would come from the Armed Forces of the Philippines’ modernization funds.

He said his department would seek additional budget depending on the country’s needs.

“We want long-range aircraft patrols as well as watercraft, including those with high-caliber weapons to guard our territory,” Gazmin said.

Recently, the US assured the Philippines that it was ready to help the country “defend itself” from territorial incursions amid reports of Chinese intrusions into the disputed West Philippine Sea.

Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert del Rosario had announced the proposal to lease military equipment after his visit to Washington to meet with American officials.

The AFP had submitted a list of equipment needed to boost the country’s maritime border patrol capabilities.


  1. nice edit of f-16

  2. Looks Like they are finally on our side (Yet!)

  3. Jas 39 Gripen is the most suitable jets for PAF. There is a lease to own offers by Saab.

  4. What What...PAF will lease fighter plane form USAAF? Do you know what in long run leasing equipment is most costly. Why wasting money in old weapon...they government must buy are own equipment. If the US will lease us like the F-16C/D Fighting Falcon Block 50/52+ or the F/A-18E/F Super Hornets its a good idea. But the government must not accept the F-16A/B Block 10/40 and the F/A-18C/D Hornets. They old near the end of their service life. Think again before the government talk and do a move.
    SAAB JAS-39B/C Gripen is a good fighter to start with. Small but is a 4.5 gen. fighter plane. it's also cost less $50-60 million with maintenance. AESA Radar and a good engine....

  5. yes, jas-39 B/C Gripen is perfect planes for philippine airforce

  6. we need dual engined jets for sea patrols!f-16 is not suitable for the role
    F-18 Hornets or F-18F Super hornets will do the job very well

  7. Can every contending brain child here posts these fighter jets and specifications for the PAF and Navy given the Phils. terrain? It seems that you were all from the military isnt it?

  8. Can you post photos of these Jas-39 gripen and f-16s and 18s please?