Wacky way to beat airline baggage charges

15 July 2011

By Orlando Parfitt

 Rufus Roo

Here's one original way to beat baggage charges at airports, as long as you’re not a fashion victim…

It’s the Rufus Roo, a giant jacket that lets flyers wear a rucksack full of luggage – and skip fees for checking in extra bags.

The overcoat, which has six strengthened pockets and comes in five snazzy colours, apparently holds up to 15kg worth of stuff.

Inventor Andrew Gaule said the wacky product, which costs £29.95 (P2,100), was inspired by rising costs at budget airlines. “They are profiting even more from the charges and the hassle passengers are suffering at the boarding gate,” he said.

Just last month it was reported that Ryanair had upped their summer baggage charges again to £25 per checked-in bag. If you go over the 20kg weight limit or pay on the day, you'll be asked to pay even more.

Easyjet, Flybe and BMI Baby also charge for checking in luggage.

 Rufus Roo

However, every airline lets punters bring at least one bag of hand luggage onboard for free, as well as a jacket or coat – which is where the Rufus Roo comes in.

Richard Ingram, Head of Sales and Marketing for the company, said: “Passengers may not be able to avoid some charges, but an inexpensive and stylish travel coat with larger pockets could prevent last-minute stress, embarrassment and cost when they travel”.

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