Armless Pilot Licensed To Fly

And a Filipino Too!

By Willy Balasa

October 14, 2011

JESSICA Cox, the Filipino-American first licensed armless pilot and Guinness World record holder, is in the country for a vacation.

Cox, 28, arrived at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Sunday early morning Sunday on board a Philippine Airlines flight from the United States.

She will spend a month long vacation to see her family and relatives where her mother, Inez, hails from Bobon, Samar.

In a brief interview, she said that, "I can understand a little bit [Visayan dialect]. I'm going to visit the family, but I don't speak it very much".

"My right foot is on the yoke, and my left foot is on the throttle. I use both feet, and I don't have special equipment. I just fly the plane," she said, describing how she flies a plane.

The Fil-Am pilot also described  flying  as  like a butterfly in the sky and added that it’s a big challenge being physically-challenged.

Cox is also fond of gymnastics, swimming, and martial art. She holds a double black belt in taekwondo.

"I think it's an example of what other people can achieve as well. If I can fly an airplane, everyone else can do what they want to do. Sometimes we limit ourselves with our own perceptions," she said.

Cox  has a message for Filipinos: "Every one of us has a challenge, whether it's physical, psychological, or emotional. We all have our challenges, but we also have a choice whether to let it stand in the way, or allow it to give us an opportunity to succeed. All of us has that option. The choice is yours." 

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