JAMCO Opens Philippine Subsidiary

To make Boeing 787 and Airbus 350 composite materials

October 17, 2011

Tokyo - Aircraft parts supplier Japan Aircraft Maintenance Co., Ltd., (JAMCO) has recently opened its Philippine base at the Clark Freeport in September  to manufacture composite panels and aircraft interiors designed for the latest aircraft of Chicago-based American Company Boeing, the Boeing 787, and Toulouse-based European conglomerate, Airbus S.A.S. for its upcoming aircraft, The Airbus 350.

Jamco Phils. Inc. (JPI), with initial investments worth 4 million US Dollars, will exclusively engage in the business of manufacturing aircraft parts and equipment to both Airbus and Boeing and to provide other services necessary to aircraft operations.

"As a leader in the design, manufacturing, and certification of aircraft interior products, continued recognition of our on-time delivery performance and high level of quality supports our future success," Norikazu Natsume, President and CEO of JAMCO America, said.

JAMCO produces lavatory modules for the Beoing 787 as well as flight deck interiors, flight deck door, bulkhead assembly, and galley. It also produces for Airbus Advanced Pultrusion-produced upper deck floor cross beams, CFRP Floor Crossbeams, vertical stabilizer stiffeners and stringers for the A380.    

JAMCO's main Headquarters is in Tokyo with global manufacturing branches in United States, Europe, Singapore and lately, the Philippines.  The company also manufactures parts for Bombardier, a Canadian based Aircraft Manufacturer. AFP

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