Airphil Overshots Kalibo

February 14, 2011

An Airphil Express Airbus A320-200 carrying more than 140 people overshot Kalibo airport runway yesterday morning, aviation officials said.

The Airbus A320 plane with  registration RP-C3227 and performing flight 2P-969 from Manila overshot runway 05 by 60 meters (200 feet) while it was attempting to land around 10:30 am," Civil Aviation Authority Kalibo Manager Percy Malonesio said.

The plane was piloted RR Gonzaga.
No weather disturbance was reported in the area. No further details are available as to the cause of the incident, the airline and aviation authorities said. Initial cause of the incident was reported to be pilot error as it landed in the middle of the runway.

Airphil Express is a low cost subsidiary of national flag-carrier Philippine Airlines, offering budget, no-frills flights.

The aircraft was able to stopped safely but was disabled with all gear on soft ground, no injuries and no damage occurred. The runway was closed for about 4 hours until the aircraft was towed off the runway.

The airport was back to regular operations around 2 in the afternoon.

Kalibo is the 4th busiest airport in the country with 12 domestic and 10 international incoming and outgoing flights daily, according to Malonesio. It is a gateway point to international tourists destination point Boracay Island.


  1. Next thing you know, people are blaming the short runway. That's 2.3 kilometers. From the looks of it, based on the video, they touched down way past the runway threshold.

    This is not the first A320 incident in the Philippines nor the first time an airplane overshot the runway.

    Either the wind shifted to a tailwind or they came in at a much higher glidepath and/or with a higher approach speed.

  2. Tailwind wasn't much of a factor as the wind cone which appeared later in the frame after touchdown seemed to show a left quarter tailwind of less than 10 knots. They came in high and fast, thus the long float. This would have warranted a go around but unfortunately, it would appear that the pilots were never trained for this.

    Heard they had another one in Cotabato? And the same aircraft registry too!?

    1. If a plane overshoots Cotabato then it might have fallen off the cliff. Boths ends of the runway in Cotabato are deep. Never heard about the incident yet.

  3. No runway is long enough if you land an Airbus a320 past the middle of a 2300 meter long runway. If you still insist on landing, the best remedy is to put a tailhook on all A320 jet.