Midsea Air Express flies Manado

Wings Air and Zest Air to fly Manado too from Davao

March 23, 2012

Philippine carrier Mid-Sea Air Express launched its inaugural Davao-Manado flight on March 18 on a once a week Sunday service. The airline uses a 19-seater Jet Stream aircraft for the route.

Manado is the capital of the North Sulawesi province of Indonesia.

Indonesia's Consul General Eko Hartono said Thursday that an Indonesian airline is currently processing papers and accreditation to fly the route soon while another Philippine based airlines is also applying for Davao - Manado route.

Shelley Sondakh, BIMP-EAGA Executive Secretary identified the airline wanting to operate Manado- Davao and vice versa routes as Zest Air and Lion Air subsidiary Wings Air of Indonesia.

"Wings Air will be flying in May, and Zest Air possibly at the later part of this year," he said.

Lion Air is Indonesia's biggest private airline. It operates 75 aircraft and has existing orders for 348 Boeing 737's valued at US$22 billion. It is by far the biggest single contract for aircraft manufacturer Boeing on the type.

Wings Air has applied for twice a week ATR service, while Mid-Sea Express intends to increase its Jetstream 42 flight frequency to two times a week. There is no details yet for the Zest Air flights.

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