Qantas A380 Visits LTP for Cabin Retrofit

April 29, 2012

Qantas Airlines (QF) A380, VH-OQD  operating flight number QF6025, arrived in Manila at 12:40 this morning for Cabin Retrofit at Lufthansa Technik Philippines (LTP) Hangar. Qantas A380 is the second appearance of the whale jet in Philippine soil to date. Photo courtesy of Bob Reyes.


  1. More photos. Taken when VH-OQD is beig pushed-back ino Lufthansa Technik Philippines Hangar


  2. For the record, NO PRIOR CONSENT was asked by the website owner/publisher to me in using my pics. But since my name was mentioned (and cited), plus the fact that I do read this blog, it is alright with me :)

  3. This is very nice. Never been in a plane and would love to be in one. I'm fascinated with pilots and flying. One of them is
    tim jones in Spokane.

  4. Thanks Bob. Its been our pleasure.

    Qantas Airways will be sending 12 more A380s nose-to-tail to Lufthansa Technik Philippines for cabin reconfiguration and wing-rib inspection and repair.

    The configuration of these A380s is 14P (First), 72J (Business), 32W (Premium economy) and 332Y (Economy). At the end of this SRO contract, all 12 Qantas A380s will be reconfigured to a new four-class configuration of 14P/64J/35W/371Y.

  5. C Checks of QANTAS A380 are now being done at LTP. Soon the Air France A380 by the Q4