Ex 2P Execs jump to Zest ship

May 23, 2012

After San Miguel bought Philippine Airlines (PAL) and its low-cost subsidiary Airphil Express, four of its top executives has been hired by low cost rival Zest Airways holding the same position they previously held in the former airline.

Heading the pack is Alfredo Herrera who was hired as Zest Air's chief marketing and sales officer, the same job he performed with his former airline, while LCC operation adviser Brian Hogan was hired as Chief Executive Adviser. Also hired were Steve Allen as Chief Commercial Adviser and Rick Laig as Chief Financial Officer.

The four were instrumental to the success and rapid growth of the Airphil Express platform of low cost operation besting Cebu Pacific strategy and consequently eating and catching up its market share it held for four years.

Air Philippines was the country's fastest growing Airline in 2011 and perhaps the fastest growing airline in 2012 based on the number of passengers carried in the first half as compared to the previous year.

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  1. On October 28,2012 Alfredo Herrera resigned from Zest Air to join AirAsia Philippines.