US made defense radar to be operational next year

As PAF adds nine more aircraft to its inventory

June 22, 2012

The Philippine Air Force will add another six  fixed-wing aircraft from Brazil on top of the 12 Lead-in/ Fighter Trainers (LIFT) jets from Korea to their inventory, reports from DND said.

Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin said that these aircraft are needed to protect Philippine airspace and they will be procured through Government to Government (G2G) contracts.

Gazmin said that G2G transactions will eliminate middlemen, thereby resulting in cheaper acquisition prices for the planes.

Another two light lifts and one special mission aircraft from Italy will also be procured using the same G2G deals.

Gazmin  said the government will end up saving money due to their decision to turn the purchase of military hardware into a government to government transaction.

“There is no longer middleman in government-to-government, so the price will not be padded because there is no more need for the commission of the middleman,” says Gazmin.

Gazmin made the statement amid concerns of corruption aired by Bayan-Representative Teddy Casino in the purchase of jet fighters from South Korea since the procurement will no longer undergo the normal bidding process.

The state of the art defense radar system from the United States will also start operating next year.

"The acquisition of this plane, and the operation of the new and state of the art radar system furnished by the US is expected to be announced on July 2012" PAF spokesman Col. Miguel Ernesto Okol said.

The defense department plans to sign other military contracts by July 31 to implement 138 military modernization projects over the next five years.

Recent announcement from the Pentagon during President Aquino's visit to Washington, said the US will provide a powerful land-based radar to the Philippines. 

The radar system dubbed as “watch center” will track ships and aircraft off the Philippine archipelago’s coastline, and is connected to US servers in real time,  according to a Pentagon spokesperson.

“We are in the initial planning stages of assisting the Philippines with a National Coast Watch Center,”  says Major Catherine Wilkinson.

The United States will be funding the construction of the National Coast Watch Center, and share surveillance and intelligence data with the Philippines.

Felix K. Chang, a senior fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute in Philadelphia, called a radar “a significant step in improving the Philippines’ situational awareness off its coasts.” He said Manila’s defenses are so poor that often it has “only learned about foreign activities after the fact.”

Rick Fisher, an Asian security expert at the International Assessment and Strategy Center in Alexandria, said a powerful land-based radar could be used jointly by the Philippines, the United States and other allies to quickly detect Chinese military movements in the region. That would fill a void that has existed since the U.S. military was evicted from Subic Bay and Clark two decades ago.

Such a radar could provide “an almost instant way of keeping the Chinese honest,” Fisher said.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, stated in her public remarks at the conclusion of President Aquino's meeting in Washington that while “the United States does not take a position on the competing territorial claims in the South China Sea” dispute, in practice however, Washington has been actively undermining Chinese claims. 

“We are also working closely together to increase information and intelligence exchanges and coordination on maritime domain issues. And in this context, I’m pleased to announce today that the United States will support the construction, outfitting, and training of a new National Coast Watch Center in the Philippines.”

Zhongyong Long, a military expert from China's Nanjing Army Command College said in an interview with the Global Times, a Beijing-based newspaper, that the U.S. military, although not yet disclosing the specific model for the radar intended for the Philippines, would be the ITT Coastal Defense Radar systems, or the LCR-2020, capable of electronic counter-countermeasures. ITT (International Telephone & Telegraph) is a company based in New York engaged in military defense.

The LCR-2020 radar is not subject to inclement weather or low visibility, and in a very short period of time to cover the broad waters, and thus is a particularly effective strengthening of offshore intelligence, reconnaissance and surveillance capability means.

Incorporating Doppler filtering to mitigate clutter returns and provide velocity estimates for all targets, the system offers three alternative scan modes – normal, sea and extended range – and can achieve (using frequency diversity gates) tracking out to a maximum instrumented range of 185km.

Meanwhile, the Brazilian-made Embraer EMB 314 Super Tucano, also named ALX or A-29 has been chosen to replace a fleet of OV-10 Broncos, due to its flexibility to perform a broad range of missions, including light attack, surveillance, air-to-air interception, and counter insurgency(COIN). 

Indonesia, an ASEAN country, recently ordered 12 aircraft from the same manufacturer for light attack, counter insurgency , close air support, and aerial reconnaissance missions in low threat environments. It also ordered the same set of jets from South Korea.

Okol said the PAF will use the A-29 for close air support and aerial reconnaissance platforms. 

"Super Tucano is purposely built for counter-insurgency and light air support missions," says the spokesman.

The nine new aircraft are intended for domestic threats. Additional details of the new air assets were not disclosed.

Meanwhile, two refurbished C-130 plane (from the US) will join the Air Force in July (Serial No. 4704), while another one repaired in Clark (Serial No. 3633) will be back for active duty in October.

By November, another set of 4 brand-new Sokol combat utility helicopters from PZL Swidnik SA.are expected to arrive in November.

There are only 95 full-mission capable aircraft in the PAF inventory out of the total 334, with 81 needing repairs, and 167 are up for scraps.


  1. i think that philippines have to buy small top fighters for defending your nation from china.

    i recommend 4 F-15K, or 4 F-18F, unit cost is over 100 m US $,,

    though 12 korea trainer jets are cheap, those are obviously useless for defending your nation from china..

    and used US F-16s are also useless because of short range. south korea airforce know well this handicap. philippines can't combat long over the disputing islands.

    there is also this range handicap in KFIR, Gripen..

    be wise..if same fund, small top fighter is more wise in philippines who defend from china

    1. sir dont be a wise arse try to google how much is the flying coast of f15 and f18 u guys keep mentioning stuff that is way over our budget.just a suggestion go read and use your eyes and your brain before throwing jiberish suggestions.and btw every heard of Subic bay and Palawan both of thous city has there own run way that is near the disputed islands.

    2. when real small confliction happens. your nations can lose more assets from chinese air attack.

      after loss, it is late..

      12 trainer and attack airplanes ???,,, these can't battle effectively with chinese long range high class fighters. trainer can't turn the tables. be wise...

      i'm korean. korean know china well. korea has survived from chinese frequent attacks for a very very long time(5,000 years). china had a full greed to the territory. History has said all..and can attack weak nation without ANY(!!!) shame.

      philippines can buy 4 F-15 with long term payment. and US government can accomodate in this procedure. in this problem. philippines' diplomatic capability needs...

      4 F-15 and 12 TA-50 can't be camparable...NEVER,,
      but ther is no big gap in total price.
      if you don't have money, for example, you can buy 2 F-15 and 4 TA-50

      i am saying repeatedly.. F-15 can turn the tables. korea adopted F-15 against china and japan. when disputes arise with north korea. papers and government first say F-15s has taken off. and F-15 observe north korea targets with long range targeting pod. and show this movie to the defence headquarter with data link in real time. ..(and in sea. AEGIS ships can to this)

      TA-50, Gripen and used US F-16 can't do this effectively..

    3. (continued)

      in theory, gripen and F-16 can fly wiht many arms. and can fly 1000 KM

      but in real. these airplane with many arms can't fly with long range. and cannot help losing many agility. more arms and (so fast) more loss.

      f-16 class has very short range, beyond your think.

      south korea territory is very small in comparison with philippines. but south korea airforce feel the operation limits of F-16. F-16 can't fight so long with china and japan. maybe F-16 can go to the disputed island(dokdo and ieodo) but immediatly have to return to base because of fuel limit.. thought F-16 is dog fighting capable airplane, F-16 cant' do dog fighting in real disputes with operational time's limit..

      internet information about F-16 is useless in real real, has very short range as i said repeatedly.. maybe US can overcome this limit with airborne fueling.. but many country can't do this..

    4. (continued)

      if Third World War happens, philippines' any arms will be useless.

      but, limited small dispute happens with chinese small fleet. a small number of high class fighter will be worthy with their high price.

      but low class fighters CANNOT(!!!) change any situations..
      funding in low class fighters is ABSOLUTELY(!!!) MEANINGLESS.
      these fighters CANNOT defend your nation..
      these fighters can only defeat homeland rebels..

    5. (continues)

      Chinese long range fighters can't defeat F-15 in now..

      so, if china want to win the dispute. chinese fleet have to shoot tomahawk-like cruise missile to the F-15 base. or chinese carrier with anti-air destroyers have to be input to the disputed island.

      maybe this attack can defeat philippines' airforce easily
      but these attack types will induce US 7th fleet's intervention .. china know well this fact.

      so china can't attack philppines with fatal or massive arms.
      in this situation. F-15 class fighter will be worthy

    6. (continued)

      i can't help saying the secret of TA-50..

      KAI(company of t-50) planned F-50 with AMRAAM.
      but Lockeed martin ask for much money with AMRAAM integration. so korea airforce has to give up intergration. finally F-50 was result, TA-50 and FA-50 also can't shoot AMRAAM..

      and TA-50 use T-50's wing. but these wings is so weak with many arms. so KAI had to remodel wings. these result is FA-50.

      so TA-50 is just absolutely TRAINER..not REAL ATTACKER...
      if philippines want to attack land target, you have to select FA-50..(and FA-50 domestic cost is 40m US dollars, not cheap..but export cost will be dumped down)

      and FA-50 have no Targeting Pod.. this device is very important in modern surgical attack..

      after all,, (thought high price) small number of F-15 is more worthy...

    7. (continued)

      in korea,, many people have criticized a lot of production of T-50 series.. in real, T-50 series can't power up the korea air force. we don't need airplane with same dog-fighting capability in comparison of north korea mig series. T-50 series is only meaningly to acquire technique of fighter's development and to sustain aerospace companies stably.

      so, many people have proposed quick development of KFX (stealth fighter). in limited fund and neighbour's adoption of stealth fighter, only KFX (with FX-3) will guarantee our future.

      korea airforce has searched co-development countries. indonesia gave a promise to donate 500m USD. Turkey will reject to coporate after long negotiation.

      in now, 4 billion USD has input to KFX project, and develompment has started. after FX-3(maybe F-35a) airplane is selected in 2012, KFX final model will be selected. (maybe small F-22 like image)

      KFX final estimated unit cost is 50~60m USD,,
      and first fly will be in 2014~2016
      and will be deployed from 2018

      i recommend
      in 2013 ~ 2014 : 2~4 TA-50 (total 50~100m USD)
      in 2015 ~ 2020 : 2~4 F-15K (total 250~500m USD)
      in 2020 ~ 2026 : 2~4 KFX (total 100~200m USD)

      how about??

    8. Wow that was enlightening, thanks for the information.

      But yeah we still just need TA-50, because our pilots can't fly new electronic jets yet, coming from F-5As and S-211s. So TA-50 will be above and beyond what we had so far already. We don't want to get F-15s immediately just to crash them through inexperience. Hopefully we get real MRFs soon.

    9. ㄴ hmm.

      War is relative..

      Maybe your new arms will be progressive, (not regressive)

      but Enemy's arms will be more progressive..

      so war result will be more miserable..

      in 16c, we were invaded by Japan (toyotomi hideyoshi)
      at that time Japan adopted a lot of Guns..
      but we had only bows.

      first one month, war result is very miserable..
      seoul was easily fallen.

      this merable result was come from arms difference shock..

      after one month, we were familiar with guns..
      so aspect of war got changed..
      we started to use wide partisan tactics and cannon systems.
      and broke japan's re-supply sea route.

      but in modern war. war will be ended within 1 month..
      so can't overcome the arms difference gap...
      after all, we have to fast chase neighbour's arms adoption.

    10. (continued)

      if arms difference gap is over 2 generations..

      you will be slaves, like us(1914)..

      To Reduce arms gap is esseltial for survival...

      To accuse to funding difficulty is only to justify yourself..

      NO one don't understand this difficulty...

      The HARSH Result is only to be slaves..

    11. Thank you for your concern but you are confused. PAF pilots needs the LIFT aircraft in order gain the skill to fly fighter aircraft. Also, I think the most effective way to fight back from any aircraft combatants and protect our airspace is to use SAM and any other AA systems.

  2. china can't input massive ariplanes at disupting islands. because these islands are far from china mainland.

    so small top fighters can be effective..

    think by effect centric method..

  3. south korea has obtained many quantity of TA-50, FA-50, because huge quantity of north korea's short range dog fighting airplanes will attack suddenly.

    but philippine is different in situation and readyness..

    the enemy of philippine is small quantity of china ships and airplanes. you have to obtain small top fighters and ships

    1. those planes we're mass produced and derived from it's foreign cousin the US F-16. It fits the role of multi-role and cheaper than it's other US fighter brothers. Same story of Israel's KFIR to France's Mirages. I think the decision was made considering the aircraft's role and the military alloted budget.. and IMHO, I really wouldn't call China's ships and airplanes a small quantity. Just my 2 cents. :)

  4. airborne Harpoon (against china navy) is so heavy. short range fighter can't use this missile effectively.

    so, long range twin engined fighter is necessary in ASuW..

    and philippines navy have to acquire brand new ships with anti ship missile, and these ships have to communicate with top fighters. and joint attack to china fleet

  5. Oh goody... Coastal Radar Defense installations. With data links between them and the LIFT aircraft procurement and naval assets. We'll really know who's "crossing the fence". This is much more better than nothing at all.

  6. 10 Light Attack/Utility Helicopters will also be purchase in 2012 which was not mentioned on this article ...

  7. How about signing the deal NOW, so we can install these things as early as possible. While some of those in power of capable of speeding up the process are just sitting on their buns in their cozy residences... some of our fishermen just got "accidentally" rammed by a Chinese vessel at Scarborough!!! Some families are now missing a father or a brother... hope these events helps them sleep better at night.

    I remember a quote on Transformers: Dark of the Moon, "Years from now they're going to ask us: where were you when they took over the planet? We're gonna say: we stood by and watched."

  8. just surrneder to the chinese. They might move some of the factories here and improved the economy. Fight for what? to support the corrupt lifestyle of pinoy generals and Politicians?

    1. I fight for my right to watch Youtube.

      (also Chinese hegemony won't necessarily end corruption... Bo Xilai, hello? The corrupt pinoy politicians were the pro-China ones.)

  9. yeah.....chinese were in resource depleting realities so their option is to invade resource-rich philippines....using bribery & intimidation of corrupt

  10. Actually the Philippines is doing the right, sensible thing to purchase Lead-In Fighter Trainers (LIFT) first. What is the use of buying advanced fighters like F-16, F-18, F-15, Eurofighter, Sukhio, etc. if your pilots don't have the training and skills required to fly those jets?

    Yes I agree, 4 F-15 is not equivalent to 12 TA-50. Its because the 2 aircrafts has different purposes! YOu're like comparing apples to oranges. And if you research more, there are lots of pre-requisites to be fulfilled before a country become a full-pledged fighter operator. You need trainer jets, radar system, and improved air bases. The road to modernization is long and arduous. There's no shortcut on it. But at least we are seeing a good start, compared decades ago.

    1. ㄴ hmm..

      i accept that pinoy's leisurely replies come from non-urgency..

      there are no words to tell you..

      but after being attaced,, it is late..

      if south korean people said like you,, south korea might already be fallen by north korea..

      National crisis has hardened us.. before 40 years, there are no factories, no techniques, no skilled worker. but we have made factories, shipyards on wild lands..

      Do anything first, after this, concern whether you can manage..

      Don't concern first...

      i think that chinese threat is a FATAL OPPORTUNITY to reform your country.. Be string your nerves. ACT before concern...

    2. I agree with you there my friend, it has been a recurring nightmare for us. We have been invaded and occupied by 3 countries already, our women raped or killed, men women and children alike.

      But it appears that our politicians slogans seems unchanged since time immemorial which reads; "For national development". Really, nothing to do with territorial defense both on and off. Sadly again maybe the fourth time it will happen with the Chinese. Again our dependency to foreign powers and attitude of filing for a humiliating 'diplomatic protests' will attest to our seemingly perpetual state of mind.

      We elected civil servants who serves themselves than the people who voted for them. Sick really.

      Going back to the topic; I'd put my money and even my spare change for 12 F/A-50's and forget all about TA-50 as was mentioned on previous replies above due to a more superior airframe and avionics over the latter.

      F-15's or F-18's seems tempting, we should buy it and take the necessary steps to accommodate the logistically issues later. Proficiency with its use can be had with sending both our pilots and ground crew for 12 months of training abroad instead of training with them when they arrived.

      Anyway, 2 thumbs up for the planned purchase! Finally we have a president with balls we can show.

  11. My opinion, if the Philippines want a credible defense against china. I would do it like this;
    T/A-50 for LIFT
    EMB 314 Super Tucano for basic trainer, CAS and COIN
    Saab 340 AEW&C, Northrop Grumman E-2 Hawkeye or C-295 AEW for Airborne Early warning and control
    MIM-104 Patriot or NASAMS for Air defense Artillery
    For a Multi-Role Fighter, I would go with either a Used Mirage 2000 from France or go to Russia and go with a used Mig-29 or get used F-4's
    For Tanker transport, I would convert their C-130's into a Tanker transport role.

  12. I can predict. This new planes will kill more pinoy pilots faster than any can shoot it down due to improper maintainance. just like thae hueys and the broncos

    1. This is sometimes normal with the integration phase. Even other airforces experience this. Its sad that some people are just sarcastic with regards to filipino capabilities....

    2. Well sarcasm to me is not unfounded, especially to some people who have kept a vigil to arms purchases of our government. Limiting ourselves to 12 even advanced trainer jets will as a fact kill more PAF pilots in case of war than say a pilot's.

      The population of the Philippines deserves more than just a defensive posture weaponry for our troops but offensive weapons since at the end of the pipeline it is we the civilian population that will suffer just in case our beloved AFP fails.

      The big difference between the Korean military and ours is that, the Korean military and its political population is that they never have forgotten their history, nor have they forgiven.

      It is right for our neighbors to assume we'll never get anywhere, we are so emotional that we tend to linger more with so many reservations that even the God's are laughing at us. You are defending our procurement when you should be defending our interests, fact of the matter is China is not anymore at our gates they are inside! Which beg the question as to what the fuck?

      No one is saying not to buy F-15 of F-18's, but purchase something that will offer a credible line of defense if the need for it arises, and not a bunch of planes that can only go as far as providing a credible line of advanced training. This is not a game, is is real time news where the rest of the world is watching your every move.

      If we can afford then, we sure as hell can find a way to assimilate our troops to using these things otherwise will end up with losses you can not fathom. TRAINING is ok, no doubt, but that is simply something you do not have the luxuary of obtaining not at the present situation.

      Now the Chinks have occupied the horse shoe islet, imagine occupied. Should they reinforce it, they can cut off our other island behind it, what follows next is the inevitable, will end upon losing everything just because a bunch of fooled pilots wanted to train first.

      With that I can only grip saying this; "I you want it, there are many ways, but if you don't there are so many reasons."

      I hope these limiting jets would amount to something other than training, because if you think about it after the S-211's we bought what did we received after? Chances are we might end up with just these since as expected our politicians seems to be so busy with all their worthless televised hearings.

    3. Sorry no. You can't predict. You have no Qualifications nor Expertise to predict on this matter. Case closed!

  13. If it's about territorial defense of our airspace, isn't it much more effective to use SAM's than buy multi-role aircrafts? You can't dog fight against a missile heading towards you.

  14. do you know modern SAM's price?? SAM is not cheap than multi-role aircrafts. and SAM can't defend your disputed islands from chinese fleet

  15. 'connected to US servers in real time, according to a Pentagon spokesperson'

    Basically a US radar on Philippine soil. Another US base.

    1. WTF do you mean? It is exactly what the Philippines need and more for a hefty price of Information Sharing. It is FREE High-Tech Equipment! I'd ask them to install it every where FFS! The more it helps the USA the more it will help the Philippines. Don't you get it? The USA are willing to put them there, put their soldiers on harms way to protect an Ally. Be fking grateful you have an ally like that and shut your fking mouth.

    2. As if the Philippines have servers for stuff like that. Show me your plan instead?

  16. that's were the mutual defense treaty comes in and terms of having a credible defense posture, economically and ideally it's the best way to go south korean made FA-50 (this the multi-role all weather version) to have air policing and projection over the airspace and for navy, acquiring cutters would be great only if armed with anti-ship missiles and anti submarine warfare, so that they can increase their range from littoral combat ship to deep water range.

    1. All in good time. Let's not forget we are not the aggressors. The faster this Coast Watch can go operational the faster we can assess certain issues in our Territorial Defence the faster we can go to our allies and procure all these much needed equipment.

      I'd pair those radars with some SAM and land based Anti-Ship Missiles in the future but for now we need presence and awareness. Give it time.

  17. Have you ever wondered how the coast watch system radar would look like, you can find sample here, and the things it can do:

    Its gonna be build on this site:

  18. Philippine just planning till the end of the world is just planning, The Philippine AIRforce jet still good if they know how to maintain but the problem they do not have aironotics technicians so its a damn this Philippine Military actually.

    Even the naval boat keep on planning and planning never have materialized.
    for long the spratly island will gone but philippine navy never have any naval frigate yet even till the end of this world i doubt. it

  19. How about buying f-18 and f-15 aircraft and how about the apache helicopter

  20. Will china gamble the prosperity and abundace they have right now? Will they gamble the future of thier children? As a land mass its huge so big. But in war can they protect that very huge land from foriegn landings? A lonely china is not dumb to start a war., think about a college student armed with base ball bat fihting a swarm of highschool kids armed with belts bottle and rocks., think think think