Air Niugini Flies Cebu

Starts Flight July 17

July 15, 2012

Port- Moresby - National flag career Air Niugini will be commencing operations to Cebu in the Philippines next week, its 10th international destination, with the inaugural flight set to take place on Monday 16th July utilizing its brand new Being 737-700 aircraft let from Dubai Aerospace Enterprise.

The airline will be operating Cebu twice a week every Tuesday and Thursday with PX016 leaving Port Moresby at 17:50 arriving Cebu at 20:40. PX017 leaves at 22:10 from Mactan arriving Jacksons International at 05:00 the next day.

Air Niugini Chief Executive Officer, Mr Wasantha Kumarasiri said the airline is opening up an additional route in the Philippines due to increase in demand.

Air Niugini flies five times a week via Manila and Cebu. Its has been operating in the Philippines since 1976.

“Australia and Asia remain as Air Niugini’s most important international markets. We are extremely delighted to reach our next expansion milestone. The opening of the Cebu route is important as it allows for easy and direct travel for the Philippinos involved in the PNG-LNG project as well as those in the fisheries sector and other related activities who can travel direct to Cebu instead of going via Manila.” Mr Kumarasiri said.

Air Niugini operates across Asia-Pacific from its hub in Port Moresby to Australian routes of Cairns, Brisbane, Sydney, Honiara (Solomon Islands), Nadi (Fiji), Tokyo Narita (Japan), Singapore, Hong Kong,  Manila and now Cebu (Philippines.)

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  1. My ticket on PX016 shows it departs Jacksons Airport Tuesday at 15:00 local time arriving Cebu at 17:40 local time.
    I return on PX017 departs Cebu Friday 0530 local time arriving Jacksons Airport at 1220 local tme.
    You can't book flights to or from Cebu on the Air Niugini website because CBU is not listed as a location they fly to yet.
    The Air Niugini International timetable effective July 15 shows the wrong dates and times for the Cebu flights.