Aviatour Piper Down

DILG Secretary Dead, Aide survive

August 18, 2012

A Piper Seneca PA 34-200 (RPC-4431) plane owned by Aviatour, a Cebu-based aviation company crashed Sunday off the waters of Masbate killing all but one passenger.

The plane was piloted by Jessup Bahinting, Aviatour chairman and CEO, and Kshitiz Chand, a Nepalese national, and was supposed to fly to Naga City frorm Mactan Cebu International Airport. The secretary’s aide, Senior Inspector Jhun Abrasado survived and was rescued.

The plane was on final approach to Masbate Airport before it fell short of the runway after declaring distress call and emergency landing around 4:30 PM.



  2. Don't be irresponsible journalism!

  3. This blog should be banned forever for its wrong information. The rescuers still didn't declared that he is dead. Instead of posting wrong information why don't you post prayers for him and convincing the entire Filipino people to keep on praying to Mr. Robredo's safeness and to his family. Such an irresponsible journalist this blog has. Me and my entire family is still praying for Mr. Robredo.

  4. So disappointed to this blog. This blog should be reported. Nevertheless, prayers for your stupidity.

  5. I think its only in the Philippines were people are that naive on death when it comes to passengers gone missing during violent plane crash at sea. Or was it because he was someone else and not the lowly PAF pilots who crashed in Spratlys and Bataan. Their bodies too were never recovered. Does it mean they were Godly different? They have grieving widows and families too.

    If we follow this reason and logic, it would be like declaring all passengers of Air France Flight 447 missing only and not dead. All their bodies were never recovered by rescuers. And yet nobody found a single of them. Just saying.

    1. TV Patrol of ABS-CBN reported yesterday that fishermen from Bataan just discovered the missing body of PAF pilot gone missing 3 months ago.

  6. ^^^The plane crashed on August 18. This blog entry was written August 18. So it is barely one day that the plane had crashed, it is right to declare that all others are dead already? AF447 declared the missing passengers already dead after more than 3 days of search and rescue operations.

    This blog declared that the 3 others incl Sec Robredo is dead barely a day after the plane had crashed. Even the lone survivor is unsure if Robredo and 2 others are dead or alive. Just saying also.

  7. Generalizing the whole Filipino nation for the mistake of this blog is irresponsible in itself too.

    Stop being so self-righteous. Pray and do something worth while. I think he got your message loud and clear.

  8. Before coming up with such entry, make sure you get your facts straight. Death is a sensitive issue and may cause a stir through social media and all. If you are unsure of your facts especially if there are really casualties, then don't post anything yet. Just post that there was a crash and 3 including the Secretary are missing. No harm in blogging the real thing than assuming that one is dead right away just because they are missing.

  9. Fuselage found in inverted configuration. Robredo body found inside. Sec. Roxas declared search and retrieval in effect.

  10. Technical divers found Sec. Robredo's body 80 meters off shore around 7:40 AM. Now in coast guard ship en route to Naga. The two Pilots are being retrieved as of posting.

  11. Navy divers on Wednesday recovered the body of Capt. Jessup Bahinting whose body was retrieved from the right side of the Piper Seneca’s cockpit at 5:15 p.m. at a depth of 21 meters after the ill-fated plane was pulled up from a depth of 54 meters using ropes tied to a Coast Guard vessel.

    Navy divers recovered the other pilot, Nepali Kshitiz Chand today near the debris site.

    DND Secretary Gazmin concluded the Search and Retrieval operations.

  12. CAAP Director General William Hotchkiss III has ordered the grounding of all aircraft used by Aviatour Air pending results of the crash investigation.

    CAAP formed a composite team to serve as the Aircraft Accident Investigation and Inquiry Board (AIIB).

    Capt. Amado Soliman, an aviation industry expert in flight safety, heads the team, with Capt. Ramon Flores and Capt. Elmer Pea as members.

    Aviatour was suspended early this year after its Cessna 172 crashed in Mambajao, Camiguin.

    Initial investigation disclosed the use of substandard aviation fuel as cause for the crash of light plane.

    Industry standard fuel for twin-engine planes is Jet A1 aviation gas but some aircraft operators dilute it with motor gasoline fuels or “mogas” to save on cost, which usually results to fuel starvation and consequently engine stuttering degrading engine performance.

    Gas-mixing practice was shown to have cause the crash of a light plane in Barangay Don Bosco, ParaƱaque City last December 2011, killing 12 people on the ground.

  13. What a BS! CAAP is investigating themselves? Why was the AOC of Aviatours extended without audit after the last crash? Why was Aviatours allowed to operate if the audit was not conducted? Simply one reason: Money, money, money!

    With such a regulator our country will never get out of the international aviation shit hole!