PAL flies Toronto

Direct Flight Commences November 28

September 1, 2012

Flag carrier Philippine Airlines is re-introducing flight to Toronto direct from Manila starting November 28, 2012, says PAL president Ramon S. Ang.

PAL recently obtained authority from Canadian government to fly to Toronto, amidst FAA restriction down south of the border.

Toronto is Canada's largest City with a population of 2.6 million.

PAL will fly from Manila to Toronto thrice a week every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, using its latest plane, the Boeing 777-300ER. Meanwhile, Vancouver will have its frequency reduce pending negotiations with Canada's Department of Transport for additional entitlements to the west coast good for daily flights. 

Vancouver will have direct flights four times a week every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday via Boeing 777-300ER from Manila while flights to Las Vegas will fly direct starting November 2012 thrice a week using Airbus 340-300 planes.

Ang also said that they will introduce premium economy seating and full-flat seats in its business class section of its upcoming 777 and 330s.  The Boeing 777 is intended for long-haul routes while Airbus 330 will be the airline's backbone in regional routes.


  1. Great news, although this is not a 're-launch'...PAL have never flown to YYZ before.

  2. The Greater Toronto Area has a population of about 6 million people.


    Philippine Airlines hopes to enter into a code-sharing relationship with Air Canada so that they can launch additional flights to Vancouver and Toronto, says Rafael Rollan, PAL Officer in Charge for Commercial Group.

    “We are entitled to seven entitlements, and we are using all of it for Manila-Vancouver. Now we will be using the other three frequency to fly Manila to Toronto non-stop" said Rollan.

    "The realignment of flight frequencies will begin on November 30. As we speak, we are finalizing the pricing. Maybe by mid-September the pricing will be uploaded in our web site already,” said Rollan in an interview by Lenie Lectura.

    Rollan said PAL needs an additional seven flight entitlements on top of the existing seven to grow the market but there are no available entitlements except Air Canada's share.

    “Ideally, if we can secure another seven or more, that is what we want. PAL already wrote to Air Canada to ask them if they could borrow the latter’s entitlements since Air Canada is not flying to Manila.They have not responded to us yet. Hopefully, they could lend us their seven frequencies through code-sharing because this arrangement was done before,” said Rollan.

    The Philippine air panel is scheduled to talks with its Canadian counterpart in Canada next year.

  4. PAL Flies Toronto effective November 30

    Departs Manila We-Fr-Su B77W 13:55 Arrives Toronto 16:00 PR 118
    Departs Toronto We-Fr-Su B777 19:35 Arrives Manila 05:45 PR 119

  5. Philippine Airlines (PAL) has decided to cancel flights to Las Vegas in the United States starting January 15 next year after its temporary permit granted by Canada's Ministry of Transport to fly Toronto expires in 45 days.

    PAL cannot fly to Canada more than 7 flights a week. The airline is flying Vancouver 4 times a week and will introduce 3 times a week flight to Toronto.

    According to PAL president Ramon S. Ang, its Airbus A340-300 planes doesn't have the range to fly Manila - Las Vegas direct fully loaded, and they have to fill the plane to retain it. Ang added that even if they have that range, they will not generate substantial revenue by keeping the plane's load restricted just to reach Nevada from Manila.

    "If our plane can't profitably reach Nevada, we might as well axe it" says Ang.

    "But you can still fly to Las Vegas with us via Vancouver. We are still selling but our airline partners in the States will bring you there". adds Ang.

  6. Hopefully, they could lend us their seven frequencies through code!
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