PAF flies another C-130

October 27, 2012

A Philippine Air Force (PAF) C-130H “Hercules” (tail number 4704) cargo plane has arrived in Manila last October 17 after being sent to the United States for “Periodic Depot Maintenance” last August 8 at a British Aerospace facility in Mojave, California. A budget of P190 million, funded through Foreign Millitary Sales, was allocated for the repair.

The C-130 left California October 14 and made stopovers at Hawaii, Wake Islands, and Guam in the Pacific before its arrival in the country. The crew consisted of Colonel Jose Mirandilla Jr., Deputy Wing Commander of the220th Airlift Wing, Lieutenant Colonel Ramil Oloroso as test pilot, Major Michael Edrik Encarnacion as pilot-in-command, Captains Ian Dexter Danes and Merrito Quijano as co-pilots


  1. Wish that the PAF could revive more of its C130 planes (I heard that they initially received 14!)

  2. The C-130 image you used was removed because it was 'stolen' without permission from its rightful owner. It would have been nice if you had tried to obtain permission from the real owner rather than link to a page whom you known if full of stolen images.

    1. You could always refer to our disclaimer notice. But thank you nevertheless.