PAF Flies 3rd C-130

3633 Back in the Air

December 28, 2012

The Philippine Air Force (PAF) re-commissioned one vintage C-130B-LM series (c/n 282-3633) Hercules cargo plane Friday at the Villamor Air Base after completing the first in-house Programmed Depot Maintenance (PDM) refurbishment program of PAF at Clark Air Base with technical supervision by Lockheed Matin.

The C-130 aircraft which first flew in 1961 for the US Air Force is the third cargo plane to become airworthy as it re-joins PAF fleet with a project price tag of P579-million. It was retired in the USAF inventory in 1993 and put in storage at  Aerospace Maintenance And Regeneration Center (AMARC) in Arizona on October 5, 1993 and was donated to the PAF in April 1998 as part of US Foreign Military Assistance to the Philippines. - Photo credits to Paolo Guinto of Philippine Plane Spotters Group

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