Terminal Tents, Anyone?

January 26, 2013

The Transportation department (DOTC) is building temporary passenger terminal shelters at some of the country's most congested airport to relieve terminals with congestion problems.

Transport Secretary, Joseph Abaya said friday that tent terminals will  give passengers temporary shelter while expansion works are going on in a number of domestic airports across the country.

“We anticipate increase usage of some of the airport terminals. We need to address them immediately while simultaneously planning for the construction of permanent airport structures,” said Transportation Secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya.

One of the airport terminal affected is Tagbilaran which is operating beyond its original capacity and passenger traffic is still growing.

The new Tagbilaran airport project which were included in the Public-Private Partnership program did not receive any interest from prospective investors.

This is the reason DOTC is soliciting bids for a P166.4-million contract for the procurement of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) tents that will be installed in four airports.

The semi-permanent PVC tent terminal buildings is intended to augment existing check-in and or pre-departure areas of Tagbilaran, Puerto Princesa, Tacloban and Clark International airport.

Clark International Airport will have 1,500-sqm tent terminal installed, while Tacloban airport will have 825 sqm.,Puerto Princesa 300 sqm, and Tagbilaran will have 200 sqm. of additional terminal space pending expansion works.

The goal is to give people a convenient, affordable, reliable, efficient, and safe airport terminal temporarily while waiting for the completion of terminal projects.


  1. tents ??? yihee.. may pinupuntahan talaga yung halos kalahating milyong income tax na binabawas niyo sakin taon taon... panalo talaga.. woohoo

  2. Kailangan nating pumili. Tent o warak-warak na terminal? At saka ibig sabihin rin niyan na talagang gusto ng gobyernong mapalitan na yung mga matatandang terminal.

    (We have to choose. Tent or dilapidated terminal? And this signals the government's intention to really fix or replace the old terminals.

  3. im thinking now that those tents will be worth more or less 50-80k a piece..

  4. You're all forgetting the all imoortant fact that regardless of the terminal size, aircraft parking space is still limited. Take kalibo for example. Terminal expansion is already underway and perhaps may even finish during the summer holiday, but without more parking slots for the airplanes, there will be more delays worse than what we are experiencing now.

    BUILD MORE AIRPLANE PARKING SPACES instead of pre departure areas!!!

    1. aircraft parking spaces and terminals should be improved side by side. even if you have more than enough parking space for aircraft, but the terminal is overcrowded, then the whole situation of the airport is still shitty.