Use the Bridge

January 24, 2013

The Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) has directed all Philippine-based airlines to use aerobridges in all airports across the country where facilities are available, according to its memorandum issued today.

The Order to use aerobridges was mandated after numerous complaints were lodged by passengers about budget carriers' refusal to use them to cut on costs. Non-usage also exposed passengers to bad weather and forced to walk on the airport's apron and then climb the stairs to board the plane.

"The use of aerobridges are not only for the convenience of the passengers, but also important for aviation safety and security."says CAAP deputy director general Capt. John C. Andrews.

CAAP encourages passengers to report airline abuses. Violators risks fine of P50,000.


  1. They will most certainly use the bridges if they were operational.

  2. thanks to Terminal 3 inoperative bridges, ang nasisi tuloy ay cebu pacific at airphil .... wala kasing ginawa kung hindi puro para sa bulsa.. ni ultimong carpark building hindi nila maoperate samantalang alam naman nila na palaging walang avail na parking dahil pinarenta na nila sa mga yellow taxi yung 1/4 ng parking... haay.. mga sakit sa ulo

  3. I think the post says clearly "where facilities are available", meaning its not only NAIA but the likes of Bacolod, Iloilo, Cebu and Davao.

  4. This is another testament for CAAP not knowing what they´re doing ...
    It´s just to show the public that they´re doing "something".

    If they´d arrange to penalize those airlines (no matter where they are from) who do mislead passengers in advertisements and/or leave passengers stranded when airine internal shortcomings are the reason (e.g. intentionally scheduling flights in a way that is not proper OPS procedure) then I´d see real improvement for the general public.

    Why penalize airlines based in the Philippines financialy by exempting foreign airlines ?
    How does this work legally ?

    ... and finally:
    Are there no other - more important - issues to be resolved first ???

  5. i'm just glad they are using it right now. i was surprised to go thru the tunnel durung my flight! no longer a white elephant.