FAA Audit Scheduled on May 2, EU Audit begins June 3 to 7

FAA, EU Air Safety Committee to Announce Results by end of June

April 25, 2013

EU Director  Matthew Baldwin

The Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) has announced that US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and EU Commission Directorate General for Mobility and Transport (DG MOVE) audit in the country will begin in the next two months commencing May 2 for the FAA and June 3 for the US FAA.

Gen. William Hotchkiss III, Director General of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAAP), told reporters on Wednesday that he is confident on the positive results of the review based on their initial assessment of the reports in Brussels enough for the European Union to lift the ban on Philippine carriers.

French Inspector General Patrick Gandil
Hotchkiss was notified by EU Director for Air Aviation and International Transport Policy Matthew Baldwin in Brussels, Belgium when he met him in April 16. Baldwin is responsible for Aviation policy in the European Union. He was accompanied by Inspector General of the French Civil Aviation Authority (DGAC) Patrick Gandil to whom he also made a courtesy visit.

France is helping the Philippines get out of the European Union airspace ban.

The EU's Director General for Mobility and Transport accepted CAAP invitation for the EU representative on Air Safety to stage an Audit to the Philippines on June 3 to 7. The on-site visit would coincide with the meeting of the EU Air Safety Committee in the last week of June in Belgium. 

"This committee is the one tasked to determine whether a country can be removed from the EU blacklist," Hotchkiss said.

Meanwhile, Hotchkiss said that The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is scheduled for on site audit visit starting May 2 to validate the ICAO findings.

The on site audit will be headed by the Manager for international programs and policy, John Barbagallo of the FAA Flight Standards Service who is personally coming to Manila. The FAA’s legal right to assess civil aviation oversight in specific countries under IASA stems from bilateral air safety agreements.

The Aquino administration is confident the results of the audit to be conducted by the US Federal Aviation Authority (US FAA) and the European Union within the next two months.


  1. What will happen if we fail US FAA audit & EU audit again despite the positive ICAO's audit? Does that mean we can't expand in the US & we're still banned in Europe?

    1. Very unlikely. A "PASS" ICAO audit does not translate to "FAIL" rating from both US FAA and EU MOVE. A stream cannot rise above its source.

  2. no.. that means we will be welcomed with a red carpet every time a philippine aircraft lands on US or EU soil.. DUH?!??!?!?!?