5J mulls Doha

May 30, 2013

Cebu Pacific is planning to fly its A330-300 thrice a week from Manila to Doha Qatar in February next year but is hampered by bilateral restrictions of only two frequencies for the Philippines side.

The Philippines has secured eight flights per week for the Manila-Doha route from its Air Services Agreement with Qatar. Six of the frequencies were awarded to Philippine Airlines(PAL) and is applying for one more entitlement in a bid to start daily flight by November, leaving Cebu Pacific with one entitlement if their petition is approve.

Cebu Pacific is seeking reallocation of this entitlements so that it can mount flights every Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

Sources within the Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) said that its difficult for CEB to secure the rights to Doha unless the ASA is amended, given that PAL has the grandfather rights which is also applying for one more slot in the gulf state. CEB has unhampered access from Clark to Doha but it wants to get slots from Manila.  


  1. Where is the 1st A-330 of CEB right now? Has it arrived in MNL yet?

  2. It's in Toulouse, France. Should be due to arrive in Manila sometime in June.

  3. why February?, I taught it will be on October 2013?..thier ads show they will say hello to dubai on actober 2013..

  4. You must be misreading the post. Dubai is scheduled for 1 October while Doha is propose for February, that is if their application is approve.