FAA confirms ICAO findings

Upgrade to be Announced Soon

May 7, 2013
Andrew told FAA representatives that their review is no longer needed as ICAO no longer tags the country as a "significant safety concern." The US regulator will issue announcement soon.
The Federal Administration Administration (FAA) has completed its reassessment of the country's aviation standards scheduled on May 2 and 3, 2013. But the US regulator has not made itself available for comment regarding the Agency's visit to the country last week.

"They have accepted our position and we have accepted their position at the same time, so we have meeting of minds," says Deputy Director General John C. Andrews yesterday.

Andrews told that FAA inspectors are not the ones who decide the category rating but merely inspect compliance to aviation standards which then make recommendations to John Barbagallo, FAA Manager for International programs and policy.

CAAP is however optimistic on the results of the audit as they defended their position on international compliance previously issued by United Nation's International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

 "We are very optimistic of the upgrade," said Andrews.

John Barbagallo of the FAA's Flight Standards Service sent team of Nicholas Reyes, Manager of the FAA’s Western Pacific-Flight Standards Division, and James Spillane, Senior FAA Representative to the Philippines, who inspected the deficient concerns and were briefed on the country’s compliance with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards.


  1. This is good news to Phil aviation & PAL

  2. is this official ???