Amsterdam and Paris by October 27

Rome by December 1

11 July 2013

Philippine Airlines (PAL) disclosed that it plans to launch daily flight to France and the Netherlands in October 27 with morning departures around 6-7 AM in Manila arriving at lunchtime in Paris and Amsterdam, and with return flights arriving around 6-8 AM the following day.

Slot Coordination for Airports in the Netherlands (SCAN) confirmed PAL application beginning in 27 October 2013 for the IATA Winter 2013/14 season:

PR 720 - MNL - AMS Arr. 11.30  a/c 77W daily
PR 721 - AMS - MNL Dep.13.00  a/c 77W daily

France Airport Coordination (COHOR) also confirmed PAL application beginning in 27 October 2013 for the IATA Winter 2013/14 timetable:

PR 740 - MNL - CDG Arr. 13.00  a/c 77W daily
PR 741 - CDG - MNL Dep.14.40  a/c 77W daily

Meanwhile, Aeroporti di Roma, the airport operator of Rome Fiumicino Airport confirmed the application of PAL for landing slots in Rome's premiere airport beginning 1 December 2013 for the IATA Winter 2013/14 timetable:

PR 760 - MNL - FCO  Arr. 6.30  a/c 330 daily
PR 761 - FCO  - MNL Dep.9.00  a/c 330 daily

Airport Coordination Germany (FLUKO) said that they already received slot application of Philippine Airlines out of Frankfurt-Main but has problems securing morning slot arrivals requested by the airline for the IATA Winter 2013/14 schedule. FLUKO said the airline wanted early morning slots. No schedule has yet been announced.

PAL President and COO Ramon S. Ang said yesterday that flights to Europe will resume as early as September or October this year.

"Seven times a week flights to London, seven times a week flights to Paris and other destinations," Ang said.

"Our flights will take you 12 to 13 hours one way compared to other airline flights that take 18 to 24 hours from Manila to Europe because you still have to wait for several hours in their hubs," Ang added.

PAL's ticket prices from Manila to London begins at $1,200 or about P52,000.

Felix Cruz, PAL Vice President Marketing Support, said that while the airline wanted to start flying Frankfurt first which is PAL's largest European operation in 1998, they encountered slotting problems similar to that of London Heathrow which prompted them to consider Paris, and Amsterdam.

Cruz said they also encountered slot problems in Amsterdam and Paris which gave them a midday slot instead of the preferred morning arrivals in Europe.

Cruz said that destinations to Europe, are still subject to regulatory approvals and airport slot applications. He said that some changes might come along the way as to which airport they will go first.

The airline intends to fly the route using mixed A330-300, A340-300 and B777-300ER aircraft. PAL recently acquired four A340's ex-Iberia planes and intends to add two more to the existing fleet for destinations in Europe. Another new B777's is scheduled for delivery in November 2013.

The European Union (EU) on Wednesday announced the partial lifting of the blacklist imposed on Philippine carriers in 2010, opening the way for the resumption of flights by Philippine Airlines (PAL) to Europe, effective July 12.


  1. Just to make the last sentence clear, only PAL's blacklist was lifted not all Philippine carriers.

  2. How about Madrid?

    1. We have no information about Madrid yet

    2. please post when you have info on PAL flights to madrid. Thank you

  3. Congratulations on Philippine Airline the Nation's aircraft returning its flight to Europe. PAL deserves it as it has been sitting desirably wanting to get out of that Category 2 restrictions. Not a big fan of Cebu Pacific, but if they want to get that restrictions off, they need to step it up like PAL did. Just happy PAL is out of it, I want to see PAL shining through every were and become Worlds Best airline. PAL being the Top 90 Worlds Best Airline, is a great start. Hope itll improve through out the years.

  4. What about London?

    1. Heathrow slots are hard to come by, the airport is basically full. Gatwick and Stansted are not really that popular to passengers being far from London. You will incur additional costs in travelling to those airports. PAL might codeshare with Etihad via Heathrow/Abu Dhabi.

  5. AMS flights will be non-stop from MNL ? Would make a great stop-over for Australian destinations (if not having to wait too long) !

    1. PAL can do the kangaroo route from Amsterdam and Paris, etc. It's got plenty of destinations to Australia like Sydney, Darwin, Perth, Brisbane, etc., connecting at Terminal 2 in Manila.

  6. Manila to London please......asap?...Amsterdam will be a good start....

  7. In an Interview with Frank Longid and Cecilia Yap of Bloomberg Friday, COO and PAL President Ramon S. Ang said this wise:

    “After the EU lifting, we need to make arrangements with the airports, which may take one to two months,”

    “We will be flying to London by October at the latest. By November, we should be flying to all.”

    His statement to Bloomberg so far validates our story long before they went headlines. One of the reporter happens to read this blog.

  8. I hope PAL does not become Kingfisher. After the acquisition of brand new planes, opening of new routes it ended up bankrupt. Kingfisher's CEO acted on impulse, not clearly thinking. Whew!

  9. PAL suspends Doha. Can you find out why???

    1. Plans that we are currently aware of. Note that further changes to fleet deployment remains possible.

      The A330-343X bound for Doha is going to be transferred to Australia because the Australia bound B777-300ER is heading to Europe.

      The airline will receive only 8 new A330's this year.
      Single Class
      2 of those is Saudi Arabia bound
      1 for Abu Dhabi
      1 For Dubai

      2 Japan
      1 for Australia
      1 for Europe

      The route is expected to be launch at a later date in 2014 when two other A330 joins their fleet possibly January or March.

      We expect Muscat flight to be code-shared with Oman Air.

    2. I thought Dubai will be served by PAL Express.

  10. All economy for UAE??? Why??

  11. Is this the terminal assignment of Philippine Airlines for the following future European destinations?
    Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS) - not yet been assign
    Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) - Terminal 1
    Leonardo da Vinci-Fuimicino Airport (FCO) - Terminal 3

  12. Amsterdam, Paris-Charles de Gaulle, and Rome-Fiumicino for Philippine Airlines (which is under Airlines and Destinations) has not yet been added in Ninoy Aquino International Airport's Wikipedia page.

  13. I thought PAL would fly to Zagreb as its first EU destination. Why is there no news about Zagreb?

    1. Because there is none, it was not even in the plans, cant you read??? The first europe routes will be Paris, amsterdam, rome, and london! And If PAL even flies to zabgreb, Moscow will be first. I dont know where you got the idea of Zagreb, i really dont.

  14. How many Pinoys are there in Croatia?

  15. PAL will not operate to AMS as from the start of winterschedule to AMS. NEgotiations are still in progress. Possibly AMS will be launched as from early December 2013 with 4 weekly flts with A340-300 instead..

  16. PR 720 is now MNL - LHR