PAL bids Toronto Goodbye

Ends flight September 18

17 July 2013

Toronto become the first casualty of the European migration policy of Philippine Airlines as it announced termination of its Toronto service effective September 18, 2013.

The airline said it has no choice but to sack the east coast flight because it wont have the aircraft to service the destination after opening of European Airspace.

PAL recently launched  services between Manila and Toronto on November 30, 2012 as its first gateway to the East Coast of North America in 15 years, since they shut down their New York operation in 1997.

Flights to Vancouver however will remain on daily basis and most likely be downgraded to an Airbus 340-300 service.

The airline said they will be redeploying all its Boeing triple seven to Europe. Triple seven services to Japan and Australia are likewise redeployed to be replace by new generation Airbus330-300 aircraft in October.

One destination such as Amsterdam requires two aircraft for daily rotation. Previously, PAL said they will start flying to Amsterdam, Paris, Frankfurt, London, and Rome.


  1. must not be a lucrative route, just like Las Vegas. hope Europe works.

    1. They need that extra 77W for the EU expansion as well as replacing the 744 on US routes once the FAA restores PR into Cat 1. All other current routes of the 77W, including Narita and Sydney may also have to switch to the new A330s arriving this year in order to allow the 6 77Ws to be rotated properly between the EU and US.

  2. So buy more aircraft

  3. I thought Philippine Airlines will use Airbus A340-300 for Europe.

  4. I hope Philippine Airlines will return to Toronto after buying and acquiring more aircraft.

  5. Sad news. I hope they just change to A340 instead of terminating the route since they stop at Vancouver before proceeding to Toronto and V.V.

  6. Sad..maybe they will utilized new gen of 330's arriving this year for vancouver-toronto..that will be more profitable..than using 77W..anyways..the flight rights were still there and it will just resume once there will be enough aircraft.

  7. Di lang kumikita yang Toronto flight na yan kaya tsugi agad..

  8. Toronto Flight November 2012-September 2013. Haste makes waste. I bet Europe will suffer the fate.

  9. hahaha i think that's true.. PAL should really improve their service and ads to attract more customers. Get out of the Filipino market idea.

  10. Hello Guys, PAL reversed its decision to axe YYZ. Follow this link