Seair Skidded Off Kalibo

Airport Closed

26 August 2013

Seair plane stranded at the Kalibo airport on Monday. Photo courtesy of Jojo Terencio. ABS-CBN
A Singapore bound Southeast Asian Airbus 320-200, cn5228 (RP-C5319) plane doing flight DG8802 overshot Kalibo Airport and skidded of its runway 05 after preparing for take-off.

Aklan International Airport manager Percy Malonesio said the incident occurred around 8:05 a.m. as the plane was about to depart for Singapore. The Runway end incursion effectively close Kalibo airport from both landing and take-off.

All Passengers were safe and were taken back to the terminal said Malonesio.

Kalibo Airport was re-opened by CAAP at 3:00pm.


  1. No.. This is not an overshoot.. More of an over speed taxiing done by the flight crew.

  2. Yeah, taxi speed is too fast and when he tried to step on the brakes the plane skidded towards the end of the runway and into the grass. They should be more careful in taxiing specially on wet runways.

  3. It's just a minor incident.