We Are Safe and Airworthy Airline!


17 August 2013

In response to the order of suspension from CAAP, we are surprised that this was issued without giving us an opportunity to properly respond to their issues raised. The management of ZestAir have been in full cooperation with CAAP in ensuring that the maintenance programs and policies of ZestAir are in place. All findings in CAAP’s letter have already been appropriately addressed and we believe that they do not merit suspension and grounding of our operations.

We wish to highlight and reiterate that all eleven (11) aircrafts are safe and airworthy. We will never risk the safety of our passengers. The reason why management in the past weeks have decided to voluntarily stop our aircraft from flying is to proactively ensure that any issues discovered, are rectified or properly addressed before we use the aircraft for commercial operations.

With due respect to CAAP, our reports on how we addressed the incident in Kalibo reflected this and is confirmed by CAAP inspectors that no maintenance procedural lapses were committed and that the aircraft concerned is not subject to any technical problems. The incident in Tagbilaran would have been addressed sooner had we not been required to have the maintenance rectification inspected by CAAP personnel. It is unfortunate that Tagbilaran airport has only one runway and ramp, and this is the reason why the incident snowballed to have affected so many passengers.

Our accountable manager is Ambassador Alfredo M. Yao who is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Zest Air.

In addition, all our mechanics have valid licenses to perform their jobs despite CAAP’s concern where one of our mechanics did not possess the license physically on him but was stored within the work area. Furthermore, none of our pilots or crew are exceeding their duty time limitations.

ZestAir will be submitting a copy of the comprehensive improvement program that is currently being implemented in ZestAir to provide our passengers an improved experience, product and services. We have been investing significantly in our operations and fleet to further raise the standards of excellence across all aspects of personnel, parts, and maintenance/technical services.


  1. so si CAAP pala ang singungaling..

  2. Excuses excuses. Zest Air is known in the industry for short cutting & scrimping on spare parts. Maski nga piloto nila eh ayaw liparin A320 nila. Even their Mechanics are complaining that Management is pressuring them to release the plane in poor condition. Serves them right to be grounded. Nagsisisi siguro si Tony Fernandez for investing sa Zest na bulok.

  3. The grounding was overdue. This airline has too many deficiencies. The fact that Alfredo Yao is now their designated "accountable manager" does not constitute sufficiently safe operations as long as all other critical deficiencies are still there !
    And ...
    Yao has been named as accountable manager by the airline but he has yet to be accepted as such by CAAP ...

    1. The grounding is necessarily overdue. CAAP gave them the time to make the necessary corrections after the audit yun nga lang matigas ang ulo ng Zest Air. Zest Air knew their certificate will be suspended. They didn't know when.

    2. Tony Fernandes on Zest Air suspension

      "I am shocked and horrified by the behaviour of the regulator. Nowhere in my 12 years of aviation have I seen such behaviour," he said in an email to Zest Air staff. "People are getting worried about us and know we are going to change Filipino aviation forever."

      "Many competitors are terrified of us. I am so damned determined now to be number 1. My fire has woken up. And I'm ready for the fight," Fernandes said.

      CAAP's John Andrews had no comments on Fernandes' statements. ANC BUSINESS

  4. i think this is good for PAL and PAL Express dahil sila ang sumalo ng pasahero ng Zest Air