Zest Air Resumes Flight

21 August 2013

Low-cost carrier Zest Air was cleared to fly again Tuesday, August 20, but only with respect to 3 of its 11 aircraft fleet.

The clearance came after Zest Air reinstated its accountable manager Captain Ely Tabora, who previously resigned last July 17 as Chief Operating Officer due to policy difference with airline management.

CAAP said that Zest Air had 10 days to replace Tabora and his replacement had to be approved by the CAAP. But the airline failed to announce replacement, alleging instead that it has appointed Zest Chairman Alfredo Yao without notifying CAAP until it was suspended.

Yao's appointment was declined by CAAP as unacceptable due to qualification rules. An accountable manager ensures that all flight operations and maintenance activities can be financed and carried out to the highest degree of standards required by the authority.

John C. Andrews, Deputy Director of CAAP, disclosed that Flight Safety Inspectorate Service (FSIS) personnel are thoroughly conducting an examination of the carrier’s 11-aircraft fleet but these inspectors were unable to complete the review of all aircraft because of bad weather.

Cleared for take off are the following A320 aircraft registered as RP-C8994, RP-C8996 and RP-C8993.
The rest of Zest Air fleet is expected to be cleared by Friday.

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