Two New A321SL Joins PAL Fleet

30 October 2013

RP-C9906                                                             Images courtesy XFW

Two New Airbus A321-231SL planes from Toulouse arrives in Manila tonight one after another.

The fourth A321 plane of the PR fleet, RP-C9905 (MSN 5820) arrived in Manila at 6:30pm under delivery flight no. 8, while the fifth A321, registered as RP-C9906 (MSN 5825) arrived 30 minutes later under delivery flight no. 9.

 The two planes flew from Finkenwerder Airport in Hamburg Germany last night with fuel stops in Abu Dhabi, Don Muang Airport in Bangkok before heading to Manila.

In other news, the new generation A330-343X plane (RP-C8782) flew for the first time this afternoon bound for Abu-Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. Its sister plane (RP-C8780) is scheduled to fly Dubai on Monday, November 4 under PAL Express.


  1. the correct reg. for the A330s should be RP-C8782 and RP-C8780... not 92XX...

  2. its RP-C8782 that flew to AUH... the A333 that will fly to DXB for 2P is RP-C8780,,,

  3. Will palex get 321s as well?

  4. palex flight?not true!!! it is going to be PAL that will fly dubai. very sad event for palex crew

  5. Breaking News:
    Philippine Airlines flight PR 720 was just landed at Heathrow Airport.

  6. The new a321 for PAL is bad. Seats are uncomfortable (leather seats and smaller leg room), and no in-flight entertainment. No overhead screen and in-flight radio. Maybe this is designed for domestic flights, unforunately they also use this on international flights (MNL-HKG)

    1. Perhaps you should try British Airways A321, or Maybe that of Air France. They are no different than PR. Or maybe you haven't tried them at all so there is no basis for differentiation. I did so I can honestly compare that they are the same cabin wise.