JSDF Deploys Japanese planes To The Philippines

16 November 2015

Japan said Friday it would deploy  seven C-130 planes, two KC-767 tanker planes, a Gulfstream U-4 multipurpose aircraft, and two naval Self-Defense Forces (SDF) vessels with six SH-60B Seahawk helicopters  to Leyte Island in the Philippines, with as many as 1, 0200 SDF personnel expected to assist with relief efforts.

The The 1180-strong contingent would be the largest deployment of Japanese Forces outside Japan since World War II to conduct relief missions. Previous overseas missions by the SDF, which adheres to the country's post-war pacifist constitution, have usually numbered in the hundreds.

Japan's Foreign and Defense Ministry officials said the operation is expected to be in full swing Monday.

The Japanese government is tripling its emergency aid package for the Philippines to more than $30 million, with $2-million worth of emergency relief goods being channeled through Japan-based charities and non- governmental organizations here, the foreign ministry said.


  1. The only operator of the V-22 Osprey is the United States (Air Force, Marine Corps)

    1. That's what we thought too. Probably a misquote. Will wait for their arrival before we amend this article.