France Agrees Daily Flight To Paris

16 January 2014

France has agreed to grant the Philippines with seven weekly flights between Manila and Paris.

Civil Aeronautics Board Executive Director Carmelo Arcilla said the Philippines requested 14 frequencies from the French authorities but Paris granted only seven for now, an increase from the previous four it allowed in 1969.Philippine Airlines (PAL) cancelled the route in 1998 due to the Asian financial crisis while Air France cancelled the route in 2001.

Arcilla who represented Manila in the three-day talks in Paris disclosed that France agreed on third-country code sharing for Air France and KLM on the Paris-Manila route via Amsterdam.

The code share agreement means that Air France can operate from Paris to Manila via Amsterdam, using KLM as operating carrier while Philippine Airlines is the operating carrier from Manila.

The talks with France gives the AirFrance- KLM group 14 frequencies to Manila but without Air France coming over. KLM currently operates to Manila via Taipei.

PAL will enter mainland Europe initially with seven flights alternating between Amsterdam and Paris weekly this summer. The airline has operated direct flights to London since November last year. It plans to launch flight to Frankfurt and Rome also this year.

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