CEB Overshoots Butuan Runway

15 February 2014

Butuan airport was closed by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) Saturday morning following the skid of Cebu Pacific Airbus 319 plane (RPC3195) of its runway as it was preparing for takeoff at 10:00am. No injuries was reported.

Cebu Pacific flight 5J 220 carried 105 passengers and crew and was bound for Cebu. CAAP immediately dispatched a team headed by Anthony de Arca to determine the cause of the accident.

At least seven flights to and from Butuan airport were cancelled as the runway was ordered to be closed until 4pm Sunday afternoon, the CAAP said.


  1. What's new with cebu pacific? Ultra delayed flights, cancellation of flights, overshoots, and still counting. What else can the filipinos and other nationalities can expect from a budget carrier such as this. You pay what you get.

  2. I'm not going to defend 5J for their latest mishap as well as their other overshoots and accidents but I don't think it's fair to blame them for all the delays and cancellations in their flights. Most of it is because of the congestion both in NAIA and MCIA, their biggest hubs. Since CebPac uses a hub-and-spoke system, even a single minor delay at one hub, causes these delays to accumulate and trickle down until the whole system is affected leading to major delays and cancellations down the line.

    But, I still agree that CebPac has to start training their pilots properly and laying off the incompetent ones. If they don't start taking action, expect to soon see near misses both on the airfield and in the air, although God forbid they would happen.

  3. the way you guys comment sounds like only cebpac overshot the runway. how about zest's at kalibo?

  4. I'm not saying it's only CebPac who has incidents like these but having 2 or 3 occur in the span of a year? Something's wrong. Not only that, I can also add 2 more incidents in the past 2 years that are not overshoots but incidents that occurred on the ground like the one when CebPac clipped a Zest plane in Puerto Princesa.

    All I'm saying is CebPac should start checking into its pilot training program and see if there are any deficiencies or shortcomings in the way their pilots are taught. And I guess that's not only for CebPac but for every airline in the Philippines. Let us not destroy the image of a Philippine pilot, known in the world for their quick-thinking skills and professionalism.

  5. this wasn't an overshoot its was a minor excursion during taxiing for take-off......big difference but still lousy pilot performance!

  6. Bakit hindi lagyan ng taxiway parallel sa runway?