5J Cleared To Fly EU

9 April 2014

Low Cost Carrier Cebu Pacific (CEB) of the Philippines has been cleared by the European Commission Air Safety Committee (ASC) Tuesday to fly to any States within the European Union nine months after it allowed Philippine Airlines to fly its Airspace.

The European Commission in its 23rd update removed CEB from the list of airlines subject to an operating ban or operational restrictions within the European Union, better known as "the EU air safety list". 

The Commission will likewise decide the fate of all airlines from the Philippines whether they shall remain on the EU air safety list after the Philippine Aviation Authority (CAAP) made earnest efforts to improve aviation safety as noted by the EU Air Safety Committee.

Julian Vassallo, Charge d'Affairs of the EU delegation in Manila said the EU will send another assessment team in the next few months with the aim of lifting the ban on Philippine-based airlines as whole in November.

Earlier last year, the Philippines got a positive impression by the EU’s ASC in Belgium after ICAO lifted the remaining significant security concerns regarding the Philippines in February 2013.

The safety rating of the Philippines was downgraded by the US FAA in 2008 to Category 2 upon the recommendation of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). 

A similar observation was noted by the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) last month when it send its chief inspectors to the country and is about to announce it's new safety rating for the Philippines tomorrow. 

The airline manifested intention to fly to Italy via Dubai using Airbus A330-300 aircraft.


  1. Very good news for the Philippine airline industry. Hopefully all of the Philippines' airlines will be lifted of the ban soon.

    Also please correct, there's a typo in the article: "The Commission will likewise decide the faith of all airlines from the Philippines" should say "The Commission will likewise decide the fate of all airlines from the Philippines".

  2. This is a good news but I don't think that flying to this routes will be good for 5J, given their current product. Just imagine, being seated in a 436 seater a330 for 10 hours more or less. The European market is different from the local and Middle East market. This market is like the US/ Canda market. People would pay more for a comfortable flight. Comfortable meaning there is inflight entertainment, higher seat pitch, in- flight meal, and baggage allowance. 5J should do what AirAsia X did. But, AirAsia X has struggled on its Asian- European route that it had the decision to suspend it. The analogy's more like this in general- short haul; lcc : long haul; full service, medium haul; either

  3. A330 hgw for eu flights and US flights? With no ife. Even PAL's london flight which utilizes B777 complete with wifi connection is struggling. I don't think this is a good idea.

  4. I'd rather fly with PAL with more expensive prices at least I get full meal, IFE and better seats than flying with 5J on an 436 seater aircraft flying for 15hours. It'll be like a market inside the A330. When you arrive in Europe you'll be sweaty.

    Just saying.