JICA Proposes Sangley Runway As NAIA's Third Runway

Sangley Sought For NAIA Integration

14 July 2014

Sangley Airport is poised to become part of Ninoy Aquino International Airport complex if the proposal of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) to the Philippine government is to be adopted, Transport Secretary said Sunday.

JICA Has proposed that Sangley Point airport in Cavite be linked to Manila International  Airport under an integrated airspace with Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) until 2025.

Its not clear from JICA's recommendation whether a taxiway is to be linked from NAIA to Sangley airport runway or whether they will still be classified as two separate airport.

“JICA’s recommendation means that, in effect, the new Sangley airport will be NAIA’s ‘third runway’ until greater expansion can be made in the long-term," Department of Transportation and Communication (DOTC) Secretary Jun Abaya has said.

NAIA will be constructing a 2km parallel runway next to 6-24 to handle narrow body traffic aimed at decongesting its airspace until 2025, the timeframe when the new airport would become operational

The proposal will provide NAIA with 3 parallel runways with the existing runway turned into 6-24 center, the soon to be constructed parallel runway at 6-24 right, and Sangley airport runway providing 6-24 left.

“Upgrading Sangley’s existing airport may be done faster and at a lower cost, since initial reclamation will be needed for only one to two runways, instead of three to four,” says Abaya.

Initial investment for the massive airport project could be low as it cover only land reclamation for the taxiway connecting NAIA and the Sangley runway.

“This will significantly bring down JICA’s initial ballpark estimate of $ 10 billion to build a four-runway airport in Sangley,” Abaya added.

This could provide NAIA with tremendous expansion capacity with Sangley providing two more runway for NAIA while also opening the complex to future growth.

One of the other options for 2025 and beyond would be to close NAIA once Sangley is expanded into a four-runway airport, make it a mega complex airport merging NAIA and Sangley, or operating it as dual-airport system.

DOTC's next step after this proposal is to prepare a feasibility study of the proposed options slated for completion in 2015. Project construction  is expected to commence in 2017 for completion in 2024.

Abaya clarified that the DOTC will still have to finalize the best airport strategy and present this to President Benigno Aquino III as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, the Transportation Department will continue to develop Clark International Airport as alternative airport to Manila.


  1. Build a good quality project in sangley and close naia and build apartments and office buildings.

  2. I like the concept of merging NAIA and Sangley Point. It will be link by taxiway right? But make sure it would accommodate larger aircraft such as Airbus A380. But I don't like the concept of building new runway parallel to Runway 06/24 of NAIA. Taxiway parallel to Runway 06/24 of NAIA should be widened to accommodate Airbus A380 easily and the planned runway parallel to Runway 06/24 will replace the existing Runway 06/24. Runway 13/31 should be closed and convert it into apron. Existing runway, taxiway, and hangar of Danilo Atienza should convert into cargo terminal and Lufthansa Technik Phase 2. Existing cargo terminal besides NAIA Terminal 1
    should transfer on Sangley Point to accommodate extension of NAIA Terminal 1. NAIA Terminal 2 should use the former site of Nayong Filipino for its expansion. Terminal 3 should also be expanded and Terminal 4 should be closed. Two parallel runways (06L/24R and 06C/24C) will be built on Sangley Point with additional passenger terminal/s and Duty Free beside them. Runway of NAIA should be dedicated as Runway 06R/24L. There should be a train that will link on NAIA and Sangley. New control tower should be built besides SM MOA to see the entire airport.