MIAA Auctions DC-3 and Constellation

9 July 2014

The Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) is set to auction abandoned classic aircraft that has been seating idly at the General Aviation area of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA), the airport authority said Tuesday.

MIAA Legal Department Manager Perla Eslao Dumo has said that “abandonment proceedings” are now being undertaken by the airport authority for the disposal of 12 planes which includes a Douglas Corporation DC-3 plane built in 1943 originally for the US Air Force before it was sold and re-registered as RP-C147(cn 20767). The rest covers RP-C368, N102DH (cn 20830), some of which are owned by Gemino Pilapil, Jacob Lim, Jyoti P. Chatlani and Max Manning, and a 1950 era C-121J Super Constellation (N4247K c/n 4144) owned by William Crawford which can still be operational. 

The auction also includes McDonnell Douglas DC-9-32s previously operated by Cebu Pacific, and Mosphil Aero's Antonov AN-26B, Cessna 150 owned by Fredelito Juane, and Grumman American AA-IA Yankee.

The list of the auction planes are enumerated below


  1. The Super Constellation is still operational ? Hahahaha...
    I wonder where this writer got his/her information.

  2. Operational from the point of view of the auctioneer. Airworthiness is a relative question. You may want to address request for more information to them on that fact. Or maybe it was meant for other aircraft on the auction block? Anyway, thank you for the comment and your visit.

    1. Could some body tell me Please how long have these 5 Dc9s been sitting please as i have Interest in them ? Plus whom do i have to contact about these please ? Could who every contacts me please leave a email address so we can go from there thank you

  3. Super Constellation is sold. It is heading to Australia as a museum piece.

  4. We're the DC3 aircraft sold. where are they now ?

  5. theres any available plane? I want to avail one or more to used for restaurant.