Northrail Dooms Clark Bid as International Gateway

1 July 2014

The government of the Philippines declared today that proposals to make Clark International Airport in Pampanga as the country’s international gateway is good as dead after the government of former President Gloria Arroyo bungled the Northrail project funded by China that was supposed to connect the proposed international gateway to the business centers of Ortigas and Makati.

In a press conference at Clark Airport today during the Philippine Air Force founding anniversary, President Benigno Aquino said that railway project connecting the airport is mired in legal controversy surpassing that of NAIA Terminal 3.

"We’re gonna go in arbitration against the construction company and we are undergoing that process currently," he said.

Previously, the Aquino administration sent its representative to China to re-negotiate the deal with intent to extend the railway line to Ortigas or Makati business district, but China refuses to talk.

The railway component is vital to the plan to make Clark a viable gateway airport similar to those installed in Malaysia, and Japan.

The President however stressed that the connecting train to Manila is still a goal but they will be delayed for a long time because of the legal process they will undertake to void the questionable and anomalous contract entered by the Arroyo Administration.

Development of Clark International Airport as Low Cost Carrier gateway remains on track  as it is about to open the newly expanded passenger terminal building.

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