PAL Reduces Further Airbus Orders

18 August 2014

Flag carrier Philippine Airlines (PAL) disclosed today that it is dropping eight (8) further option orders of A321NEO's due to capacity constraint at Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA).

In a disclosure to Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE), the airline said that its orders from Airbus has dropped to 52 from the earlier 65 orders as it cancelled an option to acquire eight A321NEO aircraft in the first purchase agreement but agreed to acquire eight A321 NEO to cover the cancellation of five A330-300 option orders. PAL has until 2017 to exercise its right to purchase four additional A321NEO aircraft.  

In 2012, PAL entered into its first Purchase Agreement with Airbus for firm orders of 44 A321 aircraft orders (34 CEOs,10 NEO's) with options for 20 A321 NEO aircraft for delivery in fiscal years 2014 to 2020. 

Meanwhile, the airline also signed a second purchase agreement for a firm order of 10 A330-300 and options for another 10 for delivery in fiscal years 2014 to 2016. PAL and Airbus already agreed to an amendment last March wherein the number of order of A330-300 aircraft would be reduced to 15 instead of 20.

PAL accepted delivery of 12 aircraft in 2013 of the 2012 orders.  Airbus  will deliver 17 more aircraft in 2014, 15 in 2015, 10 in 2016, and two in 2017. 

Further A321NEO deliveries are cancelled, four in 2018 and four in 2019. But PAL has until 2017 to exercise its right to purchase four additional A321NEO aircraft options.  The manufacturer is set to complete wide-body orders this year.


  1. Could this be because of purchasing more wide body aircaft? A350? B777? Please let it be.

  2. The article says that cancelation is due to the capacity constraint at NAIA. Maybe PAL can order more Long-haul aircraft if the NAIA T2 started the renovation and expansion, or the new Sangley Airport will begin its construction.

    1. I believe they should move the airport further out so they can build a better facility and be able to accommodate these new fleet. We are so behind our neighbouring countries. Hong Kong is one example. Their airport is so this century. Aware that the govt is upgrading the airport now but I think it is waste of time and money. They should relocate and build a bigger and better airport so we can accommodate the long haul aircrafts. New Sangley Airport sounds good.

  3. But I hope the NEO's will have an IFE or just an USB charging pod for charging the devices during flight if they want the On-air products be viable to all passengers.

  4. The current 321s and 330s of pal that was recently delivered are already equipped with usb ports on all classes

  5. Oh that's good, but I wonder why some folks from the said PAL sucks and will not succeed in the future. Well us filipinos are the number one web naysayers. Lol.

  6. @9:18 its because the amount you pay. services of philippine airlines is almost equal to cebu pacific. atleast cebu pacific with all their adds tell us that they are a budget carrier.

  7. They also have wireless IFE on their 330, you just download the app for free in your os/android and connect it to the internet then you get games, movies , music, magazines, etc. for free. No need to pay...