Iberian A340 Returns Home For A Visit

 As PR1 Arrives Spain

14 September 2014

RP-C3435 (sn302,ex EC-HDQ) Arrives at 7:10AM in Madrid's Torrejon Airport bringing the President of the Republic of the Philippines on the first leg of a week-long Official State visit to mainland Europe. It will then fly to Belgium and then to Paris and Berlin later in the week. 

Aquino’s visit to France will be the first for a Philippine head of state since 1994. The President chooses Spain as his first itinerary to Europe considering the shared history and cultural heritage between the two countries.The Philippines is also the only country that receives Official Development Assistance from Spain.


  1. Spain a country more closer than other European nation to the Philippines..

  2. What happened to the Presidential Seal on Door L1?